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4/7/15 My synopsis on Hampstead UK Abuse Case

I want to check in and let you know that I have been traveling the past couple of days so I haven’t been able to keep up with this blog. The Hampstead SRA case was my priority over the past several weeks as it was the most serious case, above even the Iranian talks, in my book, that has been totally swept under the rug by the Satanist Elitists. They got caught with their pants down… BIG TIME. You can rest assured that there will be more unraveling of their Cabal as time goes on.

My concern is for the children first and foremost now.

We’ve seen the Mom’s and Abraham Christie’s testimony and I do feel the Mom was very naive and kind of a New- Age Vegan, Love & Light Yoga practicing person. They are both into wellness & nutrition. The boyfriend, Abraham, was definitely more street smart and savvy than the mother, and picked up on the kid’s abberant sexual behavior with each other and with the family dog. Their main concern was to protect the tapes that got leaked onto the internet, as that is what the “fake” police wanted to take from them when they stormed their house in London. They and the tapes got out in the nick of time.

The protests have been going on outside Christ Church primary every Sunday now and Neelu Berry got arrested there, as did one Christine Nevada (aka Christine Sands ) who Anonymous says is a FBI shill agent. As the Satanists have sent their own to investigate and go under cover posing as a protestor, we know this has really hit a nerve with them.

Well YahuWaH is just getting started. There will be more exposure as the matrix begins to be unraveled fully.

The two kids have been through THREE FOSTER CARE parents in the seven months since their disclosure last year. They are suffering with PTSD and nightmares and are pretty much too much for your average person to deal with. As they are also multiple, and suffering from Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), they had threatened to kill Ella and Abraham while the disclosure was being recorded. Getting those tapes made during the family Holiday was difficult, as the children would switch out when triggered. Sexually touching each other was a programmed trigger event by their handlers to bring out the Satanic Ritual alters that actively participate in the cult and probably still are doing so.

It’s sad that the core personalities tried to take control and disclose and come clean but now have been stuffed back down and told to shut up by their handlers. This is pretty much how it works. These two “witnesses” may make a comeback in the future. We need to keep an eye on these kids. They could be the real deal down the pike if YaHuWaH chooses to use them for his glory.

Alisa’s birthday is this month (April 22nd) and that’s not a good thing. The birthday is the highest Satanic Holiday for a person. Celebrating birthday’s is not of God. It is against God’s will- but not Satan’s. Can you see how brainwashed we all are doing these types of things? How many of you just got done celebrating Pagan Easter?

It’s very difficult to come out of the world system (EGYPT, Babylon). That is what Passover is all about. That and the corporeal manisfestation of YaHuWaH as Yahushuwah our Messiah on the Earth and his sacrifice for us to pay the ransom to SIN (Ha Satan) for us. Our Blood bought REDEMPTION.

YaHuWaH is capable of redeeming these two children as well. They took the first step in admitting their guilt and participation in an evil Satanic cult, alongside their earthly father, Ricky Dearman. They know what they did is wrong. They are being forced now, against their will, to participate most likely via deliberate and sinister brain washing.

I think this Passover we all need to take a deep look and see how we also are being complicent and brainwashed to support the system. We are all participating in this on some level. If your working for the establishment your feeding the BEAST SYSTEM on some level. Did you fall for Obamacare? Vote in the last rigged election? Pay your taxes to the IRS? Work for the government? Get a paycheck?

It’s all run by them… Every last bit it of it…

I don’t know what to tell you. It surely is a dilemma isn’t it? We are told that we are to be in the world but not of the world. It’s a fine line for sure. The best you can do is take small steps to try to make your exit from this evil society. You won’t be able to do it completely, but just start doing something for yourself.

Most importantly…. get closer to YaHuWaH.

That’s the BEST decision you can make as the eternal clock is ticking and

Time is running out… His return is Eminent.

Take Care & YaH Bless his Elect.