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The Color Blue- The Aaronic Priesthood- Living on the Fringe



You can’t pin down the color blue very well. It can go from one extreme and shade to another. Have you ever tried to match a shade of blue? Good luck! That’s  cause Blue is like God. On one hand it is very Steady and calming. A lot of people paint their Bedroom Blue. It’s restful. It’s also calming and tranquil like the sea. The sky is also blue and calming. But blue can have it’s temptuous moments just like our Heavenly Father!

Here’s some common phrases we have for the color blue.

Good blue

  • True blue – someone loyal and faithful
  • Out of the blue – unexpected (could be positive or negative)
  • Blue ribbon – first rate, top prize
  • Blueblood – person of noble birth, royalty
  • Bluestocking – well-read or scholarly woman
  • Bluebook – register of socially prominent people, also Kelly Blue Book (Cars)
  • The Blues (capitalized) – popular style of music sometimes characterized by melancholy melodies and words
  • Baby blues – Blue eyes (also see Bad blue words)

Bad blue

  • Feeling blue – feeling sad or depressed
  • Blue devils – feelings of depression
  • The blues (not capitalized) – depression, state of sadness
  • Blue Monday – feeling sad
  • Baby blues – post-partum depression
  • Singing the blues – bemoaning one’s circumstances
  • Blue laws – laws originally intended to enforce certain moral standards (this should be on the GOOD LIST!)
  • Blue language – profanity
  • Bluenose – puritanical individual
  • Into the blue – entering the unknown or escape to parts unknown
  • Out of the blue – unexpected (could be positive or negative)

Well blue was the Color YHWH gave to the Aaronic Priesthood. Blue was a Manly color given to the MEN OF YHWH. (Not the sissy scarlet and red of the Vatican Apostate Mystery Babylonian whores in Rome!- see my post about the Vatican Hag.)

The ten commandments were actually written on SAPPHIRE PLATES! They don’t tell you that in “SUN” day school now do they?  Sapphire was one of the stones mentioned in the Breastplate and also is part of the foundation of our Heavenly Father’s throne.

The priests wore a shawl known as a Tallit (still do) and on the fringe were blue cords called Tzitzit. The BLUE CORDS bound them to doing YHWH’s will as a servant of the most HIGH. It was an outward manifestation of the imparted authority of YHWH. Yahushwah himself wore the vestiture and we see the woman with the issue of blood for twelve years proclaiming she will be healed if she can just touch “THE HEM OF HIS GARMENT”. The BLUE fringe was also on the hem!

The FRINGE was a decorative BORDER. It denoted hey …anythng inside this garment is HOLY. Not everybody had it on their clothes. Only the PRIESTS. The ELECT.
Are you living on the FRINGE for GOD? You need to be.
Satan has co–opted the color blue now to mean “Born Living under Evil”. (see my post about Beyonce’s child Blue Ivy under Superbowl Satanism) That’s cause HE HATES BLUE! He loves Chaos, Frenzy, and Confusion. RED! He also
wants everybody to be the Same. No uniqueness. A Hive mind. HIS collective conscienciousness, not God’s. THE MATRIX. Yahusuhwah, (Jesus) says to come OUT from the world and be ye SEPARATE. YaHuWaH’s elect are FRINGE and we’re proud of it. Get your Blue on for the TRUE CREATOR. Yahushuwah Ha’Mashiach.

P.S. FYI. The COLOR PURPLE- a Hollywoood corruption- as is all Hollywood..
Is a mix of Blue and RED. RED being the color of the DRAGON… SATAN. Purple is not the color of Royalty. It is the color of Satan’s Seed – the HYBRIDS.



The Ketoret- The most powerful chemical substance on Earth


Man.. I can’t get enought of our God! He has totally blew my mind with this teaching! I knew he wanted me to talk about the incense burning but I had NO IDEA what all was behind it! The Ketoret. PERIOD. This was the incense commanded to be burned in the Holie of Holies by Aaron back in Moses day. It was comprised of 11 ingredients and had to be painstakingly made in a specific order and with the highest quality of these spices. To hear how it was done you’d think it was witchcraft. It was all based on numerology, the Kabbalah, and spiritual principals. Furthermore it was a secret how it was made because of its POWER TO HEAL. This incense can heal PLAGUES. It has done so in the past. (Num. 16:35) Furthermore it brings WEALTH to the priest who presents it. This was and is MAGICAL stuff. It was so delicate to administer that priests died if they did it wrong. It truely was the nectar of YHWH. He would come in the shekinah glory cloud of  this INCENSE and sit on the mercy seat.  The incense was more imporatnt to YHWH than the PRAYERS of the saints presenting it! He LOVES IT.

As I said, The Ketoret was made up of  11 ingredients. They are as follows:

1. Balsam      2. Onycha ( a shiny root)       3. Galbanum (Bitter Gall)     4. frankincense

5. myrrh  6. Cassia  7. spikenaard  8. saffron  9. costus  10. aromatic bark   11. cinnamon.

So we see the Spice trade wasn’t about seasoning your food or even about nice smelling stuff. It was about ritual MAGIC to please GOD.  Problem was if you weren’t annointed to do it … You die… It was and is that serious.

Well here’s another thing that blew my mind. The dead sea scrolls in Qumran.. Everybody knows about that, but did you know they also found 600 kilos of INCENSE!!! Nobody’s talking about that and where they hid that!! Is that in a Museum?? Now that my friend was the REAL TREASURE they found. I’m trying to find where it went. It belongs to THE ELECT.

The purpose of the Ketoret was to BIND YOU TO YaHuWaH. It was a Mystical Umbilical cord if you will. Do you see now why YahushuWah Ha’mashiach was presented with the two costliest ingredients when he was born by the WISE MEN?  They weren’t bringing him a birthday gift. They were supplying him with the means to make the  nectar from heaven. Only one family knew the secret to making it right. It was a bloodline thing.  The secret ingredient would cause the smoke to go straight up in a pillar. It didn’t waft or dissipate like the stuff we see nowadays. It was a PILLAR OF SMOKE.  The family that made the incense was the House of ABTINAS.  They never taught anyone how to do it because YaHuWaH kept the art in their memory solely. The Egyptians tried to copy it and even hired them and paid them double to make it for them but they never did learn the secret. Well the SECRET ingredient is THE ELECTION. Only if the ELECT are at the other end of the incense will it run straight to YaHuWaH.  YaHuShuWAH is a conduit as well, but he was an ensample for us to show us how to do it!  If we had the same tools as HE did we would be doing the same miracles as He did. Period. Its that simple. They understood the bridge between the physical and spiritual planes and how to close the gap. The Kabbalists have this information but they don’t have the spiritual spark if you will….( The bloodline component from YaHuWah) unless they are one of His from the foundation of the world. They have the recipe, but they don’t know how to knead the dough properly. Its not about personal gain. It’s about pleasing YaHuWaH and Bonding to Him. ,

Well I am very interested in this now and maybe this is a calling to find it or learn from HIM how to do it,  but I’ll tell you its never a dull moment when your hearing from the most High!  The Ketoret is one of the most sacred mixtures in the Universe and anyone that tries to mimick, counterfeit, co-op, mix, conjure, or otherwise mess with YaHuWaH’s sacred fragrance it going to have hell fire and death to deal with. He’s not messing around, and the USA, The Vatican,  or any other pagan nation will be reckoned with severely for this gross abomination in His sight.  It belongs to the ELECT and the ELECT only. Period.  So get your grubby hands off our Ketoret or YaHuWaH says there’s gonna be hell to pay!  Selah.