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Survivor Diaries Star- seen here with Liz (Kaplan) Harmon (Aunt of Mark Zuckerberg =Michael Jacob Greenberg-Facebook)

Adrienne Haslett-Davis  with Beyonce and   Liz (Kaplan) Harmon

Adrienne Haslett-Davis with Beyonce and
Liz (Kaplan) Harmon

Mark Zuckerberg and Aunt Liz (Kaplan) Harmon

I warned you this Greenberg (Alissa?) would surface again with her

Dancing with the Footless stars scam.

Now here we go… She is the Granddaughter of Maurice Greenberg from AIG.

Kissing cousins of Mark Zuckerberg aka Michael Jacob Greenberg.

Nephew of Liz Kaplan Harmon. (Aunt Liz).

The Kaplans are another elitist Illuminati family

It’s all a CROCK of BS folks. Trick photography.

Illuminati entertainer  Beyonce and show host Anderson Cooper

(Gloria Vanderbuilt’s Son) are also complicent  NWO shills.

Need we say anymore?  Save your money and your sympathy.

The Boston Marathon Bombing was a HOAX.