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Who are the Arcturians?

I had a dream about this last night and this word was impressed on me upon my waking. Now I’m not a new ager, Okay? I’m not buying the enlightenment BS. This term from my previous study on the Mazzaroth shows that this star system (Called Bootes) is also getting ready to come into play in this endtime alignment. This one is linked to the so called Galactic Federation of Light. Some overseer called Blossom Goodchild. Now how innocent does that one sound? The Hebrew interpretation for this star is HE COMES ALSO. This one is right behind the SHE GOAT in brightness. In my dream there was a Huge wooden door. It was shut, but I felt it was getting ready to be opened. It wasn’t scarey at all, but rather it had a beckoning & emotionally satisfying component to it. Rememeber these beings are masters of MIND CONTROL. They know how to play on your emotions. We saw their expertise at work with the film AVATAR. They fully understand brain chemistry and how to evoke certain feelings with specific stimuli and chemicals. The bible says even the very ELECT could be decieved if it were possible. Don’t be surprised if the Galactic Federation makes their earthy debut here shortly coming in the name of Peace and enlightenment to Mankind. Yeah right….There are NO GOOD ALIENS. PERIOD. Its all a lie, so don’t fall for any of it. If its not in the bible and there is no WORD to support it …DON’T. Do yourself a favor and KISS. (Keep it simple) If a child can’t get the true gospel Of Yahushuwah then guess what? It’s not the true gospel. And you can bet your bottom dollar that one of them is gonna look like our cotton candy iconic picture of JESUS CHRIST complete with beard sandals and robe. Folks don’t be fooled by these impostors. Yahushuwah is coming with a sword to avenge the righteous and to destroy the wicked from off the face of the earth. His eyes are like flames of fire and he has a double edged sword in his mouth. Sorry that they didn’t teach you this in “SUN” day school but then what can you expect cause they can’t even get the sabbath day right.