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3/1/16-The Kingdom of “God” is at Hand

Well we talked about last time about how we, as a civilization, have been lied to and cheated upon from birth. (See “Whose your daddy?) We talked about being born by WATER into Maritime Law and ensnared into a system as a commodity . This is the “natural” state of affairs for this society as a whole. The whole message of YaHushuWaH ha’Meshiach, however,  was to DELIVER US from this entrapment. Remember he told us we must be “born again”? You must be born OF THE SPIRIT. It was his whole message. It was his whole mission…

Being “Born Again”. That phrase has been thrown around so much that it has lost all of it’s significance. Read the sinner’s prayer and you’ll be saved, right?  Get Baptised. Really??  Is that all you think is required of you? Can’t you see why Yah made it a point to talk about the NEED to be delivered from this travesty. Most people don’t even know what’s going on or what the score is and they could care less. The fact that you are reading this shows that you are concerned about your status with God and that you want to do the right thing as far as Yah is concerned. You want to be reconnected to your spiritual parents. You want to sit in “heavenly places”.

Yahushuwah didn’t heal everybody. He didn’t minister to everybody. The SPIRIT has to DRAW you. The SPIRIT is the Ruach ha’Kodesh. She is your SPIRITUAL MOTHER. (The Holy Spirit that He promised to send to those who believed on him) . Your earthly mother birthed you from her womb from water. Well, your spiritual mother has to birth you from above with FIRE.  It’s on a whole different plane of existence. A different dimension. Yahushuwah said to SEEK and you will FIND. He said to FOLLOW HIM and BE AN OVERCOMER. He didn’t say sit in a church pew. He didn’t say start a new religion. He didn’t even say to read the bible! He wants you to question…To be a TRUTH SEEKER because HE IS THE TRUTH…When you do that, you are seeking HIM!

God loves people that love to seek his TRUTH and KNOWLEDGE.

Delight yourself in seeking the Truth. Don’t let it get you down as we have a certainty in YaHuWaH that this plane of existence is not lasting or “real”. We are born IN this world, but we are not to be OF this world. It is temporal and will not stand the test of time. You must rise above (Overcome) this earthly sentence of damnation. IF you are covenanted with YaHuWaH,  this system doesn’t apply to you any more. The original contracts (i.e your birth certificate) is now null and void, as we have been REDEEMED by the BLOOD of Yahushuwah and his sacrifice for us. He bought you back!

Furthermore, You have a NEW NAME….and it’s written in YaH’s book.

The Lamb’s BOOK OF LIFE. ( A legal document).

You’re no longer a commodity.

He paid your way out of it folks. The BLOOD COVENANT “trumps” the Maritime Law.

And that brings us to Donald “TRUMP”… You think that’s a coincidence? Guess again.The name is in the bible folks and it’s there for a beacon… Yah has a great sense of humor and He’s gonna give people every cue He can to let you know He’s still running this show and He’s going to get real blatant here and EXPOSE all these criminals that have been pulling the strings for eons. Yah’s gonna use “TRUMP” to pull the pants down on these dogs and  it’s real exciting to see what is going on. What an exciting time we are living in!!

YaHuWaH is blowing the TRUMPET and He’s using Donald Trump to do it!

HalleluYAH & Shalowm.

Donald Trump