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Moving Sucks and so do Vampires. The 4th Beast- Daniel Chap 7.


I’ve been moving this week so I need to play catch up now. I hate putting YaHuWaH on hold for stupid practical stuff like putting a roof over my head. I am blessed though, and feeling guilty because I’m not working a secular job now. It’s really awkward I must say. Being type “A”,  I feel I should be accomplishing something for society, but YaHuWaH is saying “no”. He wants me all to himself, and I’ve been staying busy getting situated with my new surroundings. (Decorating, setting up new accounts, fixing stuff, unpacking…ya know) I need to get back to business here now because this is what I’m called to do and I love doing it. There is nothing better than sitting at the masters feet. (better than sex- I might add!).

We still need to go over the 4th Beast in Daniel 7 and quite frankly I’m still stumped about this one. It is definitely FEMALE, however, so I’m thinking the Vatican Whore. I don’t want to go with the status quo on this though, because I’m pretty sure those scholars work for these bad boys so they will try to lead us astray as much as they can. The ten horns are ten kings, but they could be principalities and not human. Ten KINGDOMS. The only horn that is a mortal is the little horn that rises up in the midst of them, and who subdues three EASTERN kings. This one it says has HUMAN eyes and a boasting mouth and is diverse from all the others. Obama does come to mind here, being he is Black and from the WEST. The 4th BEAST is the Beast of the WEST. We already went over him being the “White” Horseman, but he could also be part of this collective of ten. We talked about his connection to Semiramis in an earlier post as well. That would make the other nine the MUSES which we discussed in an earlier post. (The Charities).

This beast also has IRON TEETH and COPPER CLAWS. The word Iron “Maiden” comes to mind. An iron maiden was a torture device that was used to drain the blood of its victims for Vlad the Impaler. He was a blood drinker. Iron teeth (according to Amos 1:3):  were part of a threshing sledge, a farming implement drawn over grain to thresh it and cut the stalks. This beast will pulverize and grind the masses basically into the dust, draining  them of their livelihood, hope,  and desire to live. (The life is in the Blood!!). This beast lives off of human BLOOD!
Many Vampires were also thought to have iron teeth (i.e. the Gorbels vampire) and everyone knows that an iron or wooden stake driven in the heart kept the undead dead. The claws are very in vogue now in the modern vampire scene. The Sanguines use them to puncture their donors for blood letting. The rise of the whole VAMPIRE CULT scene is part and parcel of this 4th Beast. The glamorization of VAMPIRISM. This in and of itself is a HUGE part of Satanism. Vampires don’t die. They are the undead, remember? They are immortal. Immortally bound to the earth and to darkness. They are SOULLESS and have no chance to be saved. They are like zombies or walking dead people. This ARCHTYPE is our 4th Beast.
The WHORE OF BABYLON is a SUCCUBUS. Through sex, drugs, and music that whore has led millions to damnation. She sucks the very souls out of people targeting the youth especially. The little horn (phallic symbol) is also a INCUBUS spirit going after the women in the same respect. Both work hand in hand (or should I say penis and vagina) to drain the masses of their God given spirit; causing them to SUCCOMB to the evil devices of the HIVE MIND collective.
The queen BEE kills the worker bees, eventually.
WAKE UP folks! Don’t fall for this seducing spirit…
Her Roman name….VICTORIA (“V”)(Greek-NIKE)
Goddess of the Army…All of the the wars are blood rituals for HER!!!