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Meet Actress Camilla Rowan aka Krystal Campbell- Boston Bombing “Victim”

Another Greenberg Actress

Another Actress-This one’s a Rockefeller.

Camilla Rowan aka Crystal Campbell??????????????????????????

Camilla Rowan (AKA Jody Fineman Schwartz), stepdaughter of David Rockefeller Jr, was married to Richard Cohen, whose brother is the owner of the Bravo Network and whose other brother, Michael Cohen, is Donald Trump’s right-hand man and Special Council. I believe the Cohens are related to the pseudonym family name Winkler, (as in Henry Winkler).
You can see Jody Fineman Schwartz playing several roles as the wife of the Underwear Bomber eyewitness, Kurt Haskell (Lori Haskell),

Eyewitness to the  Batman Movie shooting Hoax,

Emma McMahon, an eyewitness in the Giffords Shooting HOAX,

She plays both the friend of and the murderer of the friend in a news piece that I show in my latest video on the Batman shooting.

Emily Kuntz, the actor for the movie Greenberg with co-star Ben Stiller.

Great detective work by Ed Chiarinni. Don’t give these Con artists a fucking dime of your money!

They have been duping the public for years with their non-profit fund raising BS websites.

These people are the 1% er’s. They fucking own the hospitals, police, FBI, CIA, Hollywood, TV, Media…. Wake up Public!