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James “Bim” Costello—-NOT!

Boston Marathon Logo

Boston Marathon Logo

Are these people sick or what?

“Dead” Illuminati SNL Actor John Candy plays role of Boston Police Chief Ed Davis

John Candy

They are still going after the guns. They hate the NRA. Notice how the focus now is on the guns and not the bombs.

Actually, I’m more worried about the bombs having discharged DARPA SMART DUST covertly to unsuspecting bystanders.

The rest was of the event was staged to desensitize the public and go after their 4th amendment rights. A Full scale Homeland Security Exercise. (FSE).

Our government is totally out of control.

Greenberg (Boston Marathon “Bombers”) Boys Identified. These are the 1%ers. Illuminati Family Members, Cousins of Jacob Micheal Greenberg aka Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook CEO)

Another Disney (Nazi) Production.

WAKE UP CALL!! And no– I doubt either one of them is dead. This is ALL STAGED to strip you of your rights and to put us under Marshall Law. To get you used to being illegally searched and seized. To take away our US Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Boston Marathon Hoax- Going after the 4th Amendment now- illegal Search & Seizure

2:28 frame is a GREEN screen. Notice the man in the bottom right corner. The blood he walks in front of disappears! This is the use of a GREEN screen. Another Disney production. This is a FSE (Full Scale Exercise-Dept. of Homeland Security). Once again your Illuminati tax dollars hard at work. Don’t believe any of this BS. This is government sponsored domestic terrorism. GOOD JOB ED! Keep up the great work!
(aka Ed Chiarinni -DallasGoldbug)