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A Study of Ezra Chap 5. The Middle East End Time Principalities and The Third Temple

third temple

In my last post about Sukkot or the Feast of Tabernacles we came across three names that YaHuWaH has directed me to research. Now I am not a biblical scholar by any means. I am an Intuitive , however, and I try to dig in when He directs me to. The Three Names were as follows:

1. Tatnai

2. Shethar-boznia   and lastly,

3. The Apharsachites.

I looked up the first one Tatnai and lo and behold this means the Governor of IRAN.  Period. pretty easy one.

The next one gets more tricky. We have the word BOZNIA first off. We know that’s a country.  Shethar?

Sheth is short for Seth. It is a title for the richest people, or moneylenders, i.e. bankers. So we have Boznia bankers or persons with a vested interest in  the country of Boznia.

The third one is the COMPANIONS of the 2nd one.  The word Phar we knows is the root for such words as pharmacy, pharmacist, or pharmacology. It comes from the word  Pharoah. Really!!     So it has an Egyptian root.

It also means Fraud, dissimulator, dissembler,  or  phony. Aphar is a form of Africa. An older version. Sach means “Fatty” brain or in other words “fat Heads.  So if we put this one together we have the African Fat Heads or phony Big Wigs! The Modern day Pharaohs.

These are are three players that YaHuWaH had told me keep coming around periodically and who are thwarting YaHuWaH’s people in the Middle East.




I don’t know anything about BOZNIA really so I’ll have to see what that is all about. Egypt we know is having Civil war as we speak and has had its government overthrown here recently. And of course everyone knows IRAN is a pain in the ass.  I don’t know why YaHuWaH pointed this out to me but He must have a reason for doing so.