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Morgellan’s, Smart Dust, and You…

11-7-13 Recap of what’s going down….

Comet ISON

Well I’ve been being bounced all over the place myself in my personal life. How about you? With all the attention on ObamaCare and the crappy, JOKE  website on National TV, you know it’s a diversion and something else is going on behind the scenes.

We’ve got ISON coming in this month and already it is causing flares on our Sun. It’s not going to hit the earth or anything like that, but it is disrupting the sun’s electromagnetic field. We had some X flares this week already, fireballs, and transformers blowing,  and we have the GRID X drill next week on Nov. 13th-14th. Could be they have already calculated a flare that’s going to cause a problem with our satellites and they know about it in advance, so the drill could be a CYA for when the lights go out from an EMP pulse??

We also have the Hunger Games Sequel, “Catching Fire”, premiering this month which, as we have already discussed, is the Illuminati playbook. They are preparing you for your FEMA Region deportment. The “Capital” is all over our TV on all the cutting edge shows like Project Runway, Say Yes to the Dress, etc…This sequel features the introduction of some  genetically engineered chimera monsters. The Illuminati can’t wait to spring this shit on us in real time. They love horror…They are the TERRORISTS. They feed off it..

As for Pattie Brassard, well she wasn’t right as we can all see. At least not so far… She has left the country and is being banned from her own sites on Facebook and her website, so she has to have been right on some stuff. I caught her on a radio show this past week along with crazy friend Karen. Pattie’s Fukashima reporting was right on, and this is the worst disaster that has ever effected our planet. Radiation levels are off the charts on our West coast. This was a meltdown. PERIOD. Plutonium rods blown and radioactive half- lives that will continue to irradiate the planet for centuries. There is also radioactive waste washing ashore in California as we speak.

I have spent some time in some chat rooms lately and I was just GRIEVED in my heart as to how deceived people are and how the NEW AGE crowd is the OLD AGE sorcerers. We also have the Racist White Christian groups , and Zionists too. It’s just sickening and total chaos out there when it comes to people’s belief systems. The whole ENKI/ENLIL thing to try to disavow the Torah, etc.. I heard one Satanist/New Age guy saying Enlil is Yahweh, Jehovah. Well He’s got the name wrong and YHWH doesn’t have a brother. NUFF said. Total disinfo on the Sumerian Cuniforms…

On another note, Pattie’s friend, Karen MacDonald was on a show last week too. Karen is an RN and has totally gone into homeopathic medicine, as have a lot of nurses and medical professionals. The problem is, it’s all WITCHCRAFT. There is no White vs Black Magic. MAGIC=PHARMACOLOGY. Period. Drugs of any kind whether prescription or non is not acceptable to YaHuWaH. Get off all MEDS…Karen was pushing enemas, (LOL),  Colonics, tinctures, oils, etc… I felt like I was listening to Mommy Dearest or Harry Potter’s mom. She’s a nut case…Her and her CLAN Mothers BS. (see my post on the MUSES, ISIS, & Semiramis)

On a more “cerebral” note… as in ‘mind altering asphyxiating gases”, Has anyone else been poisoned this week?? They are dropping RAT POISON in the chemtrails. Barium Sulfates. I noticed it last week and I’m noticing it tonight also. I can smell it. It has a sickly sweet smell to it. I’ve been waking up all hours of the night this week also, and not sleeping right at all. Throwing up, acid reflux, and having horrible marionette syndrome symptoms. I know I’m being pulsed, along with sleep deprivation programming or  a Watcher program. My chip is bothering the hell out of me also.

I can’t seem to find any place to live either. Nothing is working out. Money was cut off last week. Basically they are putting the screws to me… How about you? It was very frightening to say the least. I’m having to trust YaHuWaH on a day by day basis and he has been FAITHFUL to provide for me and to protect me from them. He keeps assuring me that when the time comes he will bodily move me where he wants me. I am trying to get rid of the last of my stuff  also.

Everybody— you might as well get your houses in order. Lighten your loads. Your not going to be able to take it with you… We’ve only got about 13 years before all Hell breaks loose.

I need to get to a place where I can relax and spend quality time with YaHuWaH again. The stress is affecting my time with him. I feel like NEO when he came out of the MATRIX. It’s like being in SHOCK… I’m  adjusting as best I can to the stress levels. You’re next folks…I always go steps before most people on stuff like this… Buy some Rolaids and get ready.

Shit’s about to hit the fan and we don’t need Karen’s Enema’s…It’s gonna fly all on it’s own…


Drones? Darpa Smart dust? Chemtrails? Haarp? Internet? In the bible? YOU BETCHA!


The book of Habakkuk. You need to read it! It’s a prophetic End Times Revelation about the CHALDEANS. I researched the Chaldeans and found they are a branch of the Babylonians that studied Hermetic magic and the black arts. It came down through the ages as NEO-(the Matrix) Platonism  and  Thelema  which is another word for Witchcraft.  Aleister Crowley was a Thelematist as were the founding fathers of the Rosicruceans and Golden Dawn adherents.

The Illuminati eye in the pyramid comes from Crowley who said he had an encounter with an angel that was HORUS the younger. Supposedly, a new age of Horus began in the 20th century. The new age movement and the Golden Dawn of their New Age. Do what you will is their motto…Liberty at all costs and no morals, justice, guidelines, whatever… To each his own. This is what they believe.

There sole objective is to become one with god and become equal to god at any expense. Same original sin as the Devil. This is called Henism. This word came up as HEN in an earlier post of mine and I didn’t know what it meant. Well now we know. They do not view anything that is  made of matter as divinely created  but rather dispensable. Hence human life is not valuable. It is a lower life form. Their creator god (The demiurge in 3 D) has an overseer god that is unknowable they say. THE god OF FORCES mentioned in the bible. This is what they worship as they feel everything is ENERGY and returns to the SOURCE. So essentially you are BATTERIES to be drained. Get it?? They feast off you and that’s fine. They are vampires in the purest sense and they have glamorized the whole vampire thing here recently to gain more converts to their RELIGION. (RA LEGIONS)

So what does this have to do with us?  The book of Habakkuk says that in the End Times the Chaldeans will run rampant. Hab 1: 8-17 gives a perfect description. Verse 8 describes DRONES.  verse 10 describes using SMART DUST and CHEMTRAILS. verse 14 describes the Matrix and Internet…. the WWW. How they have the nations held captive in their NET.Chap 3: 14 is HAARP. They love death. It’s just ENERGY DISPLACEMENT to them. More energy for them! More news stories. More 501C 3’s. More trust funds… Get it? Problem X reaction X solution…They cause it,  they react  to it, and they will offer the solutions….

Don’t fall for their lies. Don’t cooperate with their plan. Quit working for the government or corporate America unless its a small  local establishment.  We need to take a stand against these lying self centered bastards.

The book goes on to explain the apostasy behind Paul and his teachings in Chap 2. This will be another teaching. Suffice it to say that the globalist Satanists are the Chaldeans and they were comprised of scientists such as Plato and Pythagoras, so this goes way back. Their goddess they worship is NUIT the Whore of Babylon who rules the night sky. Another name for her was MAAT. Horus and the eye of HORUS that you see on all the Illuminati stuff factors in as well, as Horus was mentioned above. Crowley’s encounter happened in Egypt in a pyramid. The Nazi’s grabbed on to this as well as did the British Monarchy. They are all sucked in to the Ha Satan and his diabolical plan to lead millions astray with his lures of money, sex and drugs.

Suffice it to say, that our Elohim, YaHuWaH,  saw this coming and informed Habakkuk over 2600 years ago that these people would be coming down the pike. It goes back to Babylon. They are in the military, sciences, everywhere…These “people” have been totally lied to by these demonic entities. Paul was in there as well, hence the whole new testament APOSTASY from what Christ Yahushuwah taught.  Their is nothing new under the sun…This shit went down in the past and YaHuWaH will take it down again. He is not asleep. He is on top of it and shit is going to hit the fan here pretty soon.

Maranatha!  Even so, come Lord YaHushWaH!  Selah.