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Baby Lisa Irwin Case-another player- the deceased Cardinal Foley 12-2-13 Update

crystal paperweight

This guy was also involved in getting Lisa out of the country. He liked little girls you see, and was a very friendly guy. A decoy.  He also shared the same Birthday as Lisa 11-11. The Illuminati managed to bump him off one month to the day of his Birthday on 12-11-11. A glass paperweight (crystal skull? ) was presented to him after the Satanic ritual in Ventotene, Italy  was completed as a souvenir. It holds the soul of Lisa Irwin. I believe that it was confiscated after his death though, and the black pope probably has it now or some other higher up for safe keeping. Lisa has the soul of ISIS living in her now. The demon was ritually invoked during the high magical ceremony on Halloween and over her Birthday. I’m not sure how they do it,  but that’s what they did, with their Vatican sorcerers. If you find Lisa you will still need to find the crystal skull or paperweight that her soul is imprisoned in. That’s another FBI lead right there. (Swarovski crystal custom order for the Vatican or for Foley.)

YaHushuWaH came to set the captives free. LITERALLY. He is able to deliver her from this sorcery. Believers need to pray that the magic will be reversed, and that the ones who are responsible will pay with their souls instead. The magic shall be returned on their heads seven-fold. Foley paid with his life, but there will be 6 other Vatican deaths of high officials before the curse will be broken and Lisa freed from their captivity.

YaHuWaH will not be mocked.

He cares about all the little children.

Justice will be served.

He cares about Lisa Irwin.


Postscript> The FBI needs to send somebody to the children’s Christmas Eve Mass at the Vatican undercover.  Lisa may be present. Christmas is a high Satanic Holiday. Remember Jon Benet Ramsey and Lacy Petersen?