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The Eastern Star=Capella not Sirius

We talked about the She-goat and Pan producing the Baphomet. Well– get a load of this. I applied for a job this morning on Careerbuilder and lo and behold the hospital system was called EASTAR a Capella Health System!!! WHAT??? Hello???
The Eastern Star is Capella not Sirius. The She-Goat that breeds with the Devil. Starting to make sense?? We also see that the entire medical industrial complex is Luciferian driven as well. Being raised in a 4th generation Illuminati medical Satanic cult family, I can vouch for this also. (How I got saved is a miracle in and of itself!) The Eastern Star we know is the female branch of the FreeMasons.
They have to be related to a Master mason to get in. Hum…
The Capella= Antichrist= female turns into a male…..
Here you have it. The females are being magically inducted via their male relatives into the Satanic hierachy.(probably via sex magic at some stage). What a diabolical mess we have on this planet! SIRIUS is the star for the Messiah. The star SIRIUS has just completed it’s procession of the equinoxes as of 12-21-12. It took this star 255,000,000 years to do this! We are living in VERY SPECIAL times indeed. I’ll have to do some research on this star as well, but the Ruach Ha’kodesh has shown me that the star that these particular Satanists are worshippimg is
…….CAPELLA. Their EASTERN STAR, The Baphomet.