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10/13/15- Update on Hampstead UK SRA case with Ella Draper and Abraham Christie

These two are now implicating “McKenzie Friends” as being scam artists in trying to co -op the case to their advantage. McKenzie Friends were, so called victims advocates helping with the case (i.e. Sabine McNeal and Belinda McKenzie).

Ella Draper is the mother of Alisha and Gabriel Dearman,  who disclosed a Satanic coven that they were being forced to participate in with their cult leader father, Ricky Dearman, in Hampstead, UK.  The children have been taken away and kipnapped from the parent, Ella, and are being held by Social Service legal guardians.

Both Ella and Abraham are vegans and are rather “New Age” proponents, but we do not believe they are the perpetrators in the case, but rather the entire community of Hampstead UK is indeed involved in child trafficking and ritual sacrifice and abuse in epic and horrendous proportions…