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10/13/15- Update on Hampstead UK SRA case with Ella Draper and Abraham Christie

These two are now implicating “McKenzie Friends” as being scam artists in trying to co -op the case to their advantage. McKenzie Friends were, so called victims advocates helping with the case (i.e. Sabine McNeal and Belinda McKenzie).

Ella Draper is the mother of Alisha and Gabriel Dearman,  who disclosed a Satanic coven that they were being forced to participate in with their cult leader father, Ricky Dearman, in Hampstead, UK.  The children have been taken away and kipnapped from the parent, Ella, and are being held by Social Service legal guardians.

Both Ella and Abraham are vegans and are rather “New Age” proponents, but we do not believe they are the perpetrators in the case, but rather the entire community of Hampstead UK is indeed involved in child trafficking and ritual sacrifice and abuse in epic and horrendous proportions…

The Age of Aquarius- What is it? The Age of Pederasty.


You’ve heard the song but do you know what it involves?  Aquarius is the waterbearer sign. A young man shown pouring water out of an urn into the mouth of a fish. Well the fish is the previous age of Pisces. He’s drowning out the fish. There’s a story about the young man too. His name is Ganymede. He was the most beautiful mortal young man on the earth and the god Zeus wanted him for his lover. Zeus changes himself into an Eagle and kidnaps him and makes him his cupbearer and makes him immortal. In exchange for his son he offers his father two divine horses. Flying horses.

The practice of taking adolescent males as homosexual  lovers is ancient. There is nothing new under the sun. Zeus’s wife Hera was the only one that had a problem with it,  as Zeus turned his affection from her to Ganymede.  The book of Revelation talks about the rise of homosexuality and especially this form happening in these last days.

Last week we saw the news headlines about the BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA (the Eagle) considering bringing male homosexuals in as “Scout Masters”. Yeah they are “scouting” all right. They want to seduce your young male children. This practice is called pederasty. It was socially accepted in the Greek and Roman cultures which America is. We are under Roman rule here. Don’t be surprised if things get decadent real fast when it comes to the abducting and rape of young children becoming more open and culturally acceptable and no big deal. This is part of the Aquarian Age.

The other part is the weather. Mass flooding and abnormal precipitation. Already we have had the demonic “Sandy” storm on the East coast. A Tsunami yesterday and today we are supposed to see a massive snow storm in New England. Up to 3 feet of snow!

All of this is part of the Aquarian age and it will only get worse. When the Mayan Calendar ended on Dec 21st, 2012 the age of Pisces has come to an end. It was the end of that AON of zodiacal time or age. The New Age is now here, and it’s not going to be pretty. History will keep repeating itself. The two horses (of the Apocalype)  will be next on the scene I believe, because this is the payment for the rape of the abducted child Ganymede.

Children are being abducted all over the world at any alarming rate and it will continue to escalate and became more bizarre and blatant. Hollywood will most likely lead the way in this and already we are seeing the Ancient TROY stories (as Ganymede was a Trojan lad) glamorizing the culture. Just know what’s behind all of this. The Waterbearer- a lad who was raped and abducted to serve his master Zeus (Jupiter).

Oh and by the way the largest moon of Jupiter is named Ganymede so don’t tell me NASA doesn’t know this stuff. They know and study this stuff. It’s their Roman religion which they serve. All those pedophiles in the Vatican too are really into astrology and the Vatican owns one of the largest telescopes on the planet at the South pole. 

The Mazzaroth which I have discussed in my past posts is extremely important. I will be trying to fit these pieces together in future posts. I listened to a video on youtube by Jordan Maxwell last night and I may post that as well. I don’t agree with everything he says about “Jesus” but I do agree with a lot he says about the Mazzaroth. Stay tuned for more on this topic.  Shalom.