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The She-Goat, Pan , Baphomet, & the Goat of Mendes, the United Nations


pan with the she-goat

In my last post I listed the brightest stars in our galaxy. One stuck out to me. The Capella- or She goat. The definition says the anti-christ, a female turns into a male… Well I never heard of THAT!!  I started to dig into the history behind this. Seems that Pan (the devil) had sex with a She-goat. This supposedly happened in ancient Egypt in the town of Mendes. The Medesians were so perverted by this that the women in the town  actually routinely had sex with male rams in the public squares. Ramsees the pharoah was said to have been concieved this way! By BEASTIALITY. (THE BEAST) This is where the slang word “horney” comes from.

Later the symbology was used by the Knights Templar. They combined the offspring – a goats headed androgynous person with breasts and a penis  with the pythagorean pentagram or five pointed star which stood for health and plenty. Our “horn of plenty” at Thanksgiving comes from this!  It’s a ram’s horn. The Templars were Gnostics it is believed. It was not associated with Satanism until the late 1800′ where the ram was replaced with a goat head . In fact the Baphomet, which is what the Templars called it, derived its meaning from Mohammed!  It was a Muslim symbol from ancient Djedet, Egypt ( The illuminated “eye” of Osiris)   and the Templars used it as a  disguise so that  they wouldn’t be killed by Muslims. The original term was written  backward tem. o. h. p. ab., abbreviation of templi omnium hominum pacis abbas, ‘abbot’ or ‘father of the temple of peace of all men.

Hence,  Baphomet·

Humm…Father of the temple of peace of all men?  Father of the United Nations maybe ? Now who might that be?

Cordell Hull… Served under FDR in 1945. Who was this guy?  A Knight’s Templar?