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Who is Melchizedek? (Heb. 7:8,15-16,23-25)

I spent the entire morning with YaHuWaH as I really want to know what’s the deal? He told me I was of the  Melchizedek Emerald Order a while back, but I didn’t know WHAT on earth (or heaven for that matter) meant. I started studying this and found that he, Melchizedek,  was supposedly a son of Shem which was one of Noah’s sons. Some say Shem was Noah’s first son while other’s said Japheth was. The Lord told me Japheth was the eldest son. The reason being he showed me an ancient map which had Mt. Ararat in Turkey on it where the Ark landed. The Land closest to it belonged to Japheth. It only makes sense that he would be given the land closest to the landing point

. At any rate, the Lord told me that Melchizedek WAS Yahushuwah! He was born of a virgin back then also and was the incarnate LOGOS in the prior age as well. Fragment 11q13  and the 2nd book of ENOCH describes this as well.  He was not Shem’s son. but rather he was born before the deluge and was taken by Gabriel (or some say Micheal) to the garden of Eden for a safe haven. This means that Eden still existed and was NOT DESTROYED.  His mother was Sopanima (Sophia?) who was the wife of Nir (A brother of Noah).  He was born fully functional as a child (could speak, etc..)  and his mother died birthing him. Melchizedek was the high priest of Salem from which YaHu’s Salem gets its name. (YaHu’s peace). Abram actually met him prior to his becoming Abraham. I also found out that YaHuWaH gave Abram a letter from His name… the” HE”.  He then became Abraham. YHWH then  became YHW.  (See ancient phonecian coins)

” IS_RA_EL ”  came from the names of the false  trinity of “gods” that were on the scene at the time. Isis, RA & EL. The name Israel means  “he who struggles with EL” meaning the most high” EL” Elyon. These gods were no doubt Nephilim. A ” malchi” is another name for a Kahuna (Kohen)  or priest and Japhath (Yefeth) =PRIEST. The priestly tribe came from Japheth’s decendents not Shem’s. Adam was the first priest and Adam means ruddy or red. The basis of the Aaronic priesthood was ancestry; the basis of the priesthood of Melchizedek is everlasting life. That is, there is no interruption due to a priest’s death.  The genealogy has been tampered with. The location of the Holy Temple was also not on the dome of the rock either.  It was/is located to the north at Mt. Gerizim.(More on this next time)  Finally, YHWH does have a female consort…The Ruach  Ha’kodesh.  Her name is Beruth from which Beirut Lebanon gets its name and it means “wells” or river of LIFE…There is a famous cistern well in Jerusalem, the Struthion pool, (SPARROW POOL)  by the western wall that you can go see. They still to this day don’t know where the water came from! Ah, maybe Bierut? The fountain where life springs forth from inside the earth?  Remember Yahushuwah talked to the WOMAN at the WELL and she was a SAMARITAN! Also the story about “RUTH?”  Duh? BE-RUTH!   So much has been tampered with in history but the TRUTH will come out… Let The Ruach Ha’kodesh be your teacher.- Selah.