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Naomi- A targeted individual (TI) and Elect of YaHuWaH

Ruth and Naomi

Everybody knows the story of Ruth in the bible but they’ve totally missed the role that Naomi played in the book. First of all she was married to a guy named Elimelech. His role as “Handler” was to control her or eliminate her destiny as the Elect progenitor of the divine bloodline. Sorry guys- the bloodline goes through the female.  Hence ELIMINATE THE ELECT. (YaHuWaH has such a sense of humor!) The first thing we see is him taking the family AWAY from their Jewish roots to a pagan land.  She has two sons by this man (Mahlon & Chilion-  meaning Sickness and Pining) and they obviously aren’t devout Jews either (like father like sons)  so they marry heathen wives in Moab. They are basically two destructive individuals. Naomi has married a heathen man. Naomi is definitely a TI at this point because we then see dead bodies all around her-those closest to her. Her family. She obviously didn’t have a close family (none of us do!)  ever as she ends up with this guy. Well YaHuWaH takes out the competition because he is very jealous of his ELECT. He does not play 2nd fiddle to anybody when it comes to us.

The two daughters in law represent the world and how they treat THE ELECT. Ruth CLEAVES to Naomi whereas Orpah can take her or leave her depending on the situation. Ruth can’t live without her because she knows Naomi is her lifeline to God. Without that connection she is a gonner. Ruth is a true convert who understands that connection to God must be done on HIS TERMS though his ELECT. You can’t save yourself. Naomi here is standing in the gap for Ruth as a type of how Yahushuwah now stands in the gap for us. Naomi changes her name to MARA after all this misfortune hits her. I think she realizes what has been happening. MARA is a term for a night hag or succubus that drains the life force out of you! She sees how she has been targeted and afflicted with God’s permission to bring her back to her true husband YaHuWaH.

Everyone plays up Boaz in the book as the Redeemer but actually it is Naomi who is the redeemer which she passes on through her grandson. She orchestrates the whole encounter between Ruth and Boaz. Boaz is simply a pawn in the game. Furthermore the baby that is born is given to Naomi! It is not considered Ruth’s child. (She is a surrogate mom). The child is raised by Naomi as Ruth was not a bloodline Hebrew. Ruth represents the gentiles that truly want to be grafted into YaHuWaH’ s family. Boaz legally redeemed Naomi, not Ruth. Ruth was just part of the property of the deal. She was the ace in Naomi’s deck. THE ELECT hold all the cards here on this earth. You can’t beat us because YahuWaH has our back. Sure we fall prey to your evil schemes and plans just like everybody else, especially as children when we don’t know what’s going on,  but when it all comes out in the wash guess what??


The inheritance is ours and it was established before the foundation of the world by Almighty God. You treat us bad and try to shit all over us and guess what? You could end up dead. YaHuWaH’s not playing. We’re his kids. Obed (Naomi’s grandson) went on to become the father of Jesse who was the father of King David. They were shepards. They tended the sheep. Naomi got her act together later in life and restored her soul and her position in the kingdom. Ya can’t keep a good woman of YAH down. I dare say the name MARA got dropped after that baby was born. NAOMI means “MY SWEET” and that’s how’s our heavenly daddy sees us. We are his sweet sugar pies. Daddy’s little girls (and boys). The lollipop kids! Shalom…