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ISIS- Islamic State of Iraq and Syria- NOT!!! A Spiritual Study of ISIS- Queen of Heaven, Whore of Babylon

ISIS-The Whore Of Babylon

ISIS-The Whore Of Babylon

You gotta be kidding me… We have been talking about ISIS for a long time now and spiritually she is known as


She is the arch enemy of YaHuWaH. We talked about the Syrian connection to ISIS with her mother being DEMETER. (THE FISH GODDESS) . The connection runs through Greece and Rome as well. ISIS was worshipped by many names. Semiramis, Ceres, Venus, Fides, … just to name a few. You think this is just a coincidence that they named this terrorist group this? No! It’s all related! The Roman Catholic church worships DEMETER/ISIS still, and has just switched the name to Mary now- The new name for the Queen of Heaven. Likewise, the Syrians worship her as well.

We’re going to do a review of the articles I have written pertaining to all of this as it now becoming clear to me that the one World Religion of the Antichrist will be once again the worship of the QUEEN OF HEAVEN- ISIS. SHE IS Part and parcel with HA SATAN- THE SHE-GOAT.

The articles we need to review are all listed under the NEW CATEGORY “ISIS”.

Please note the connection also with the baby “MONA” LISA IRWIN CASE also.  YaHuWaH is putting together all of the puzzle pieces now and the whole scenario is starting to come together for me and I hope it does for you also. SATAN  was/is  a Hermaphrodite having both male & female personas. We talked about the whole Venus/Phosphorus/Hesperus thing also, and the Vatican connection as well. The Diana/Artemis, Horus/Set (her son), dichotomies. We see it in the Mayan culture also. The FOUR BEASTS OF DANIEL CHAP 7 are describing these 4 facets of the same beast (HA SATAN) I think. We discussed the four beasts at length, but at the time I didn’t realize that they were describing FOUR ASPECTS and Manifestations of SATAN over different time spans and cultures. Well maybe, maybe not. This remains to be exposed. He was a CHERUBIM before he fell and if we look in Revelation we see that Cheribim have  FOUR FACES.

I’m still looking through a glass darkly as are you, but  time will tell and the TRUTH will PREVAIL.

YAHUSHUWAH is the TRUTH &  ISIS/Semiramis  is his ENEMY.

She is a chameleon. Able to shape shift and present as FEMALE/NURTURER/MOTHER GODDESS.

The Queen of Heaven- Her name is ISIS and her VATICAN funded “Islamic” terrorist group bears her name. She built the Tower of Babel and She is

the Whore of Babylon.