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The Manticore- The Locusts in Rev: 9


Name: Manticore, Mardkhora

Features: Lion’s body, human head, scorpion-like tail with poisonous spikes

Source: Indian and Persian Legend

Habitat: Asia

     The Manticore had the deformed head of a human, similar to that of an ogre with three rows of shark-like teeth in its oversized mouth. Its body was that of a huge, muscular lion with a generous hairy mane around its neck. It was also equipped with extremely long and deadly sharp claws. The tail was that of an enormous scorpion, which on top of being poisonous was also capable of shooting venom filled spikes at its victims from a fair distance. This  ” mythical”  creature could kill and devour a human in just a few simple bites. This monstrous beast was feared not only because of its fatal powers, but also for the fact that it was known to have a hunger and taste strictly for human flesh.

The book of Revelation describes a modification of this CHIMERA beast. This particular beast has a Horse’s body with Human face, Lion’s teeth, Dragon wings, and Scorpion tail,  is instructed not to kill humans but to TORMENT them for 5 months. It is a genetic manipulation of different species of animal to form a CHIMERA. This is the same kind of crap they were doing in Noah’s day right before the flood. Ha Satan cannot create, but he can use parts of the creation and mix them together. This abomination is what drove YaHuWaH to destroy the planet before, and He intends to do it again. There is nothing new under the Son! (Unless YaHuWaH creates it that is!).

There will probably be other “BEASTS” unleashed as well that do kill humans however. Rev. 6:8 says the fourth horseman is given power to kill mankind with “BEASTS”.  Here we see in Rev 9:17 that we have a different CHIMERA that has the more typical Lion’s body but this one also has serpents for tails instead of the scorpion tails as listed above. This is part of the 2nd WOE. These beasts are an abomination to YaHuWaH but they will be used to help destroy 1/3 of mankind along with the incoming WORMWOOD comet and preliminary asteroid strike that hits the ocean.  We will see all of this in our lifetime over the next 20 years!

If you talk to alien abductees who have been taken to underground bases (DUMBS- Deep underground Military Bases) eye witnesses have said that these creatures are being harvested down there. All kinds of bizarre CHIMERAS have been sighted in these bases and occasionally one gets out. Hence we have MOTHMAN, CHUPACABRE, BIG FOOT, etc… sightings.   This is all being done on a very large scale undergound,  so when that abyss gets opened by ABADDON, the fallen angel, that stuff will come up to the surface to taunt the surface dwellers.  Not a pretty picture.

Together with the whole human HYBRIDIZATION program that has been ongoing, YaHuWaH is pretty much fed up. His creation has been corrupted by evil fallen angels and men for their own gain and power lust. Hybridization is different than Chimerization. It actually involves the sexual co-mingling of male and female DNA. A chimera doesn’t. It’s just parts slapped together,  if you will.

Well I hope you are sealed that’s all I’ve got to say!! It’s gonna be Hell on Earth if you aren’t. Mankind deserves everything they get because they REFUSED to LISTEN to their maker and went their own way.  Now see what we’ve got. A big pile of dog shit.

How do we like them apples?…. They are full of WORMS….