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Marshall Law Eminent!!


I am currently traveling cross-country  and every town of any magnitude I go through has a road construction zone with cones and barrels forcing you to go into ONE LANE. It’s very obvious to me that they are controlling traffic flow so that you will have to go through check points at each town. It’s all under the guise of road construction, but some times the cones go for miles prior to coming into the town for NO REASON.  A lot of bridges are closed on one side also.

The other thing I saw yesterday was military trucks heading east. One had what looked like a Faraday Cage on it.(Large metal box about 6 cubic feet).

The scariest thing I saw were four tractor trailers. These were over a span of about 10 miles so they weren’t all together, but they were identical. I have never seen a tractor-trailer like this. They were like giant CAGES. They had holes on all the sides and were empty. They were regular tractor-trailer size… but what the hell would you put in something like that except LIVESTOCK. (HUMAN LIVESTOCK???, BODIES??) They were headed west. It was really freaky.

I’d like to know what other people are seeing in their travels also and have a place where you can post. I tried to see if I could see Nibiru at sunset also but no such luck. I did not see it.  I was coming over the Continental divide at sunset, so I was very high, up but there were mountains still in the way. I think you need to be on the East coast at sunrise or West coast at sunset to see it. The weather channel is having a show on Tues night I think on EXTREME WEATHER. They actually  have pics of THREE SUNS in the sky and they are showing it on National TV!!  Patti Brassard says  they have been ordered to disclose now.

At any rate, something is getting ready to go down.  I can feel it ?? Can’t you?? Get food and water and gas up your car. Problem is, the roads will be all congested and this is by design. Stay off the freeways if you can. They have herding controls set in place on all the highways now. I saw it for myself! We are SHEEPLE to them…