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MOAB- The Mother Of ALL Bombs. Jeremiah 48. Posted April 25th, 2013.

I didn’t know what YaHuWaH meant but now I see that he is referring to this special type of Bomb. I thought he was talking about the bible land called Moab in the Old Testament. He said He will destroy MOAB. The King of the EAST has something to do with this. This is related to my Aldebaran post and the RED HORSEMAN of the Book of Revelation.

Aldebaran is the Bull’s EYE and this is connected to this as well. Also the color RED… The next two years will be concentrated on the RED HORSEMAN…. WAR….We need to find out who the Watcher King of the East is? He is the RED HORSEMAN. This is the KING of the EAST. With the whole Bull’s EYE stuff I’m confident now that we are talking about INDIA. We all know that BULLS are sacred there. I researched the color red and it is VERY prevalent in the HINDU culture. It is DUE EAST of Jerusalem which is the center of YHWH’s Universe. The very dirt in INDIA is RED. I’ll have to research this some more. Hinduism, of course, in another abomination to YaHuWaH just as ALL RELIGION is.

He detests it.

At any rate I’m being told that the MOAB bombs will be destroyed by YaHuWaH himself possibly utilizing the RED HORSEMAN to do so. As more is revealed to me I will post… Suffice it to say this bomb, MOAB, is toast.