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“The Bible” TV Show -Disney, Hollywood, and the Illuminati

bible and jesus

You have to understand that first and foremost that the Illuminati owns Disney, Hollywood,  and the broadcasting airwaves. (And the Vatican Jesuit Babylon whore owns all of the above). They are playing on your EMOTIONS during this spiritually charged timed of Passover to MISLEAD the masses.  The whole ” BIBLE” ( a pagan word by the way)  television series is a Hollywood fabrication to dupe the masses. It is not basically theologically based. There is enough truth to the narrative,  kinda like the Davinci Code to be dangerous and to mislead many astray. Ha Satan KNOWS the WORD. Make no mistake about that, and he knows how to give you just enough to convince you that it is Truth, when in fact anything but absolute TRUTH is falsehood. There is a fine line. Look at what happened in the garden for crying out loud! What Ha Satan said was TRUE to some extent- but YaHuWaH in HIS divine better judgment and foreknowledge knew that it was in man’s BEST INTEREST not to eat of that f’ing tree. That f’ing Tree has brought nothing but MISERY to mankind. That is why we are commanded by YaHuWaH to rightly divide the TRUTH. So how is this done? With man this is impossible but with God alone this is possible.  If there is one thing I hate on this Earth it is a LIAR. I’m not perfect by any stretch of the imagination but I am NOT a Liar– at least Knowingly. If I find out I’m wrong about something you will be the first to know it. I am accountable to YaHuWaH. I answer to HIM. I love and am married to HIM. He will correct me I am assured If I err. The Master is my teacher and he should be yours. Don’t take anything I say– hear from him for yourself! Please take what you see on the TV with a grain of salt. It does have artistic value but it is purposely designed to deceive and mislead you AWAY from the Truth.

The whole point of the show is to get you in sync with the Sananda or the Illuminati JESUS programming. They will most likely be staging a False UFO Jesus Rapture event. Complete Hollywood style fabrication and co-opted military Industrial complex Fake. Sure there are UFO’s and there are alien grays droids. They are Demons. EBE’s. Created by Fallen angelic beings. They have been screwing with us for thousands of years manipulating the DNA gene pool. Sananda also was created by the Illuminati. The 10 commandments specifically says not to make a graven image of God and yet that’s what they did. JESUS CHRIST. The artists that crafted these abominations were Illuminatists and Masons.

If you want to know what Messiah will really appear like read Rev. Chap 5 and Daniel Chap 10. When he returns the whole heavens will depart and roll up like a scroll. Physical Laws will cease functioning. YaHuWaH can stop the earth from rotating! There will not be a man JESUS walking around in secret places. All eyes will see him coming in the clouds the word says. And not in a UFO either. The Pre-tribulation Rapture Doctrine is a lie fabricated only a few hundred years ago. Don’t be fooled by this BS. These Christian authors-a lot of them- are Masons and Illuminati liars.

They have deceived us in all areas of our lives with their rewriting of history, politics, education systems, you name it. All Lies! It’s time to wake up and realize that practically nothing that you have been taught is TRUE. Most of it is LIES. They are master DECIEVERS. They work for the Devil. This is his beast system we are enmeshed in. Come out of Babylon as best you can and do not partake in her festivals, holidays, rituals, patriotism, politics, traditions, etc…We need to purge the LEAVEN from our lives this Passover season. I realize this is very hard to do cause we have been indoctrinated into the system from birth. YaHuWaH will help you to come out from her my people. Listen to HIS wisdom and directions today and leave the whore system. Don’t partake in her lies anymore. Let’s call the liars out. Their time is running out and they know it. We’ve got them running scared now, so that’s a good sign. Keep up the prayers and vigilance and don’t fall into their lying Hollywood games anymore. Don’t support Hollywood. Boycott Movies, TV, sporting events, concerts, etc.. To continue paying these devils is a sin against YHWH. That beast can’t survive without your hard earned cash. Starve those son of a bitches Okay?
That’s the best way you can help destroy their livelihood. They sure as hell want to destroy yours! Get it? Don’t give them your money!!Get out of fiat currency as best you can and buy land, livestock, and water. We need to get back to basics. You can’t eat gold and silver. Grow your own veggies. Buy a couple of laying hens. Start a food co-op. Start a neighborhood watch. Homeschool your kids, Own a gun. We have to take back our liberty that was intended and given to us by God. The 1% Illuminati own 90% of the world’s resources. This is demonically orchestrated. When Yahushuwah returns he will kick ass and destroy these bastards from off the face of the Earth. Halleluyah! In the meantime, I wouldn’t have a mortgage hanging over your head. Rent. We are just pilgrims passing through here anyhow. No ties to their beast monetary system. They own the banks. Pay your bills and don’t put anything else in their corrupt system. Fuck them over good financially. If you work for the government you better find another job. Your feeding the beast-SORRY. Start your own small business or farm. Period. We are all GUILTY…We were all beguiled. Now is the time to make amends and get it right. Come out from her!! Thank you very much. Selah.