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7/19/14- MH17 Motive. Chips , chips, and more chips…. (and we’re not talking chocolate!)

MH 17 Cargo manifest pg. 19 & 20 001

Well, here we go again. “They” are bound determined to transport those weaponized RFID chips to Kuala Lumpur and God is not gonna have it. The plane was taken out. Here we see once again that there was over 1300 lbs. of Li BATTERIES on board this plane from the cargo manifest. Bullshit. Another plane full of scientists and the same Airlines. This airlines is involved in something very sinister in transporting this type of cargo and someone is on to them. Maybe even the CIA or US military. At any rate, the plane was shot down because of this cargo load. Could be these chips were laced with HIV biologicals and not weaponized with a chemical or explosive. Then again maybe there were explosives as well, which brought the plane down upon ignition.

That FREESCALE plant in Kuala Lumpur needs to be investigated …BIG TIME…

Somebody needs to see WTF is going on in there!!