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Australian Archeology- Treasure hunting off the Coast using MH370 as an excuse

dutch shipdutch east indies map 1622

Maritime Archaeology emerged in Australia commenced in the 1970s due to concerns expressed by academics and politicians with the rampant destruction of the Dutch and British East India ships lost on the west coast. As Commonwealth legislation was enacted and enforced after 1976 and as States enacted their own legislation the sub-discipline spread throughout Australia concentrating initially on shipwrecks due to on-going funding by both the States and the Commonwealth under their shipwreck legislation.[9] Studies now include as an element of Underwater archaeology, as a whole, the study of submerged indigenous sites. Nautical Archaeology, (the specialised study of boat and ship construction) is also practised in the region. Often the sites or relics studied in Australia as in the rest of the world are not inundated. The study of historic submerged aircraft, better known as a sub-discipline of aviation archaeology, underwater aviation archaeology is also practised in the region. In some states maritime and underwater archaeology is practised out of Museums and in others out of cultural heritage management units and all practitioners operate under the aegis of the Australasian Institute for Maritime Archaeology.

Over 1400 ships have been wrecked on the coast of Western Australia. This relatively large number of shipwrecks is due to a number of factors, including:

      a long and very difficult coastline with very few natural harbors

  • at certain times of the year powerful storms and gales are very common.  These winds are normally on-shore
  • A long ‘cyclone season’ rendering all sea travel hazardous and many harbors ineffectual in providing a safe haven
  • The inability to accurately measure longitude until the late 18th Century and the tendency to reduce their travel time by keeping their ships in the “Roaring Forties” for as long as possible saw many ships fail to turn north for the Indies at the right time.[1] As a result many were wrecked on the coast of Western Australia.
  • Numerous accounts from local indigenous tribes concerning white shipwreck survivors ending up on their shores.

The Vatican is HUGELY into this. Not only are they into the mapping of ley lines but they are also into TREASURE HUNTING. This underwater search for MH370 is being used by them to further their own research. It’s a RUSE. They could care less about MH370. The only thing they wanted was the cargo and the 20 scientists.

There were vast wrecks of ancient ships on this coast that have yet to be discovered. Probably lots of sunken treasure and booty. They aren’t stupid. They will exploit this not only archeologically but also eventually through Hollywood which they also own.