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4/1/16-The Ninth Amendment of the Constitution of the United States

The Ninth Amendment:

Affirming the People’s Rights This speaks most eloquently for itself: “The enumeration in the Constitution of certain rights shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.” This provision codifies the concept that our government derives its power from the people and all powers not delegated to the government are retained by the people. This is an essential feature of our governmental system, and we therefore celebrate the grassroots rediscovery of this and other constitutional guarantees over the last four years and welcome to our ranks all our fellow citizens who are determined to reclaim the rights of the people that have been ignored or violated by government.

The Republican National Convention needs to practice what they preach in upholding the US Constitution and honor the Will of the People in selecting the primary front runner (namely, Donald Trump) as the GOP candidate for the 2016 Presidential election.

If you don’t…

You will be showing the citizens of the USA what hypocrites and liars you truly are i.e

April fools.