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White Bread Jesus-The Easter Bible Series

classic bread

Well you saw the Bible show and how they have played on the  emotions of the masses  with the “Love Everybody” doctrine of devils. They totally massacred the book of Revelations and made it sound like Jesus was coming back to save the world. WRONG. This world is going bye- bye when he returns. He’s coming to JUDGE the world.  People who do not know the scriptures are going to be totally misled by the Antichrist and his one world love everybody religion. You are being set up with the scripted Sananda image of Jesus Christ. It makes me want to puke. Satan is so clever. Who wouldn’t love that Jesus guy? Too bad that most of what was aired was skewed to suit what they want to use to manipulate you. This is mind control par excellence. Ya gotta hand it to them. They understand brain chemistry and how to trigger those emotions. I was feeling they should have sang “We are the World” , “Jesus Loves the Little Children”,  and Kumbayah  by the end of the show.

The Book of Revelation is the most terrifying account of a prophetic vision ever to be written and they totally blew it off and omitted it. It IS the Revelation of Jesus Christ.  The other part that totally pissed me off was the immaculate conception whereby they inferred that Mary was raped by a Roman soldier. They had Gabriel dressed like a Roman guard.  Peter also had a brother named Andrew who also was in the boat when he met them. Andrew is totally left out of the show. Why? To please the Catholics I guess. Peter was not the ROCK- Jesus was/ is the ROCK. Period. Jesus’s mission was not to change the World. His mission was to declare that the Kingdom of God was at hand. To set the captives free. To proclaim liberty to us who our bound by this beast world  system. Just so much of this was total BS. There was no cross, either. Jesus was hung on a TREE. So much of this Story is just that. A story. You have been duped once again by Hollywood. I especially liked the Easter bunny chocolate egg commercials during the breaks. How fitting? How pagan! It’s a wonder YaHuWaH puts up with any of this shit. He won’t for much longer.  His son YaHuShuWaH (not Jesus) will return to judge the quick and the dead and to establish His Kingdom on Earth for 1000 years. The wheat and the tares will be separated. The goats and the sheep. One group will be thrown into the Lake of Fire and the other will serve and worship Him as his bride. He furthermore states in his WORD, that he is the ONLY WAY TO GOD. Well they managed to leave out that one little tidbit to appeal to the masses now didn’t they?  Gotta keep everybody happy. We can’t offend anyone. After all it’s Easter!!