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The Urim and Thummim- God’s First Laptop (Breastplate) Computer!

red pill and a shopping cart

YaHuWah is so awesome! He showed me this mystery today and I was floored to say the least! Everyone thinks that the Urim and Thummin were two articles of divination that were inserted into the high priest’s breastplate. Well NO–OOO. The breastplate itself was a COMPUTER! The gemstones would emanate colored lights of various spectral frequencies. It was a language of LIGHTS- kinda like morse code only with flashes of different light colors and frequencies, each meaning different things. It was a celestial communication with YaHuWaH. Only the HIGH PRIEST could interpret the code as he had the Urim and Thummin to do so. So what was that?? They were computer programs! The “DISCS” has to be inserted into the breastplate to be able to decipher the code. Now whether they were physical discs or not doesn’t really matter. Personally I think the discs were downloaded into the priests DNA and stored in his HEART. When the body of the priest put on the Breastplate, then the computer would work properly and God’s will could be determined properly. If the discs were physical there would be the chance that someone could steal them for their own  illicit gain. That was why the priests were so reverenced. They alone had the specific encoded DNA to properly wear the breastplate computer of the most HIGH ELOHIM.  The breastplate itself is a “Laptop” version if you will, of God’s mainframe computer in Heaven. The throne of God also has the same technology being made up of the same jewels but on a much larger scale of course. The priestly caste were the descendants of the ELOHIM so they alone had the specific DNA downloaded to them to be able to communicate to their ancestors.

In Nehemiah 7:65, the word states that they were not to eat of  “the most holy things” until a priest STOOD UP WITH URIM AND THUMMIM. In other words, the priest was unique and possessed these two qualities or items on his person. It was something bestowed on the person by Almighty God himself to serve as a direct spokesperson for him on the earth in matters of sovereign judgement and moral and ethical decision-making according to his will. Even today, UR means that it came from SUMERIA and it is a computer program used today. The Thummim is much more vague…I think it was EDIBLE.

Perhaps there is some correlation to TOM THUMB. This was a children’s fairytale about a thumb sized PERSON. There are many such references to such people’s across history and across continents. Could these be the Thummim? King Arthur supposedly had Tom Thumb in his court. Furthermore Tom Thumb was always getting SWALLOWED by something. Being so small he could be INGESTED. It’s my theory that the THUMMIM was ingested. It was “The things most holy” that get eaten. Perhaps a psychedelic drug. They were like the little scrolls that we see getting eaten throughout the bible where then the recipient has full knowledge of the WORD and God’s plans. Kinda like a divine PILL. The RED pill in the MATRIX that OPENS THE THIRD EYE so that you can see into the higher realms and discern TRUTH from the MATRIX LIE all around us. 

You couldn’t, however , have one without the other and be in the will of YaHuWaH. People can be drugged out on all kinds of stuff and be as demonic as can be! You had to have the TEMPLATE program of URIM to rightly discern the TRUTH. The THUMMIN was just a gateway drug if you will to open the chakras, specifically the HEART chakra where then the URIM could initiate the computer program of YaHuWaH.

HAH! Our God Reigns Superb!

How do you computer geeks (Amorites)  like that one??