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Why 49? The 7 sevens. (7 x 7=49) The year of Jubilee=50

The ExodusThe whole story of the EXODUS out of EGYPT should parallel the story of OUR lives. We are to EXIT out of Egypt if we are going to enter in to the PROMISED LAND OF ETERNAL LIFE. It is the story of the Tree of Life. We are born into bondage. We need Liberation from that. We must follow YaHuWaH’s instructions to get out of it. (The Matrix). Pharoah is a type of Satan. He wants you to stay tied to the 3D construct of Life. The physical realm. Moses is a type of YaHushuWaH (Jesus Christ) that lets my people go free. The promised Land is being in the presence of GOD. “Heaven” is what this is called but you can experience heaven on earth. It is being in the HIGH PLACES spiritually. There is nothing artificial about any of this. It is the most natural way to GOD simple by stopping what you are doing and spending time with Him. The Sabbath was designed for this purpose specifically as YaHuWaH knows how BUSY we can get. Even GOD rested though. It’s imperative to your very LIFE! The Sabbath was created for man to do so. The Shabbat is on Saturday.

The feasts that YaHuWaH has us commemorate are the other markers on the path that we are to follow to get to the Promised Land.
(see the video on the 7 feasts).

The omer (“sheaf”) is a Biblical measure of volume of grain. It represents us as a seedling.  On the second day of Passover, an omer of barley was offered in the Temple in Jerusalem, signalling the allowance of the consumption of chadash (grains from the new harvest). On the 50th day after the beginning of the count, corresponding to the holiday of Shavuot, two loaves made of wheat were offered in the Temple to signal the start of the wheat harvest.

The origins of the omer count (i.e. the Sefirat HaOmer), as enumerated in the Midrash. When the Children of Israel left ancient Egypt they were told by Moses that 49 days after the Exodus, they would be given the Torah. The populace was so excited at the prospect of a spiritual liberation, following the physical emancipation from Egypt, they kept a count of the passing days that ended with the giving of the Torah at the foot of Mount Sinai. The Torah itself, in Leviticus 23:15-16, and Deuteronomy 16:9, states that it is a commandment to count seven complete weeks from the day after Passover night ending with the festival of Shavuot on the fiftieth day. Shavuot is the festival marking the giving of the Torah to the Hebrew nation on the 6th of the Hebrew month of Sivan. The Torah liberates us.

Shavout is the festival of FIRST FRUITS. The year of Jubilee. The attainment of REBIRTH. The right to enter into God’s kingdom. It is followed by the giving of the TWO LOAVES. The 2nd and 3rd Sephiroth of WISDOM AND UNDERSTANDING. This makes you become WHEAT and not a TARE. This is also the embodiment of the TWO WITNESSES in your life. This was fulfilled at Pentacost.

It all fits together. The agricultural aspect coincides with the feasts and festivals and the markers in your spiritual journey with God. So where are you on the Path? Have you met the Ruach Ha’Kodesh and are you an embodiment of the TWO WITNESSES?

The KING will be returning soon to fulfill the last of the feasts and the 10th Sephiroth.  Seven we know is the # of perfection.  The perfect Lamb also holds the 7 horns or stars in his right hand.  (The Pleiades or doves) . Hence the 7 chazen or spirits over the ELECT will usher in the END TIMES  SEVEN seals and SEVEN trumpets.  {YahushuWah has seven horns and 7 eyes. (Rev. 5:6) }  We also have the mystery of the SEVEN thunders which John was not allowed to write about. Finally we have the SEVEN last Plagues or VIALS.









49  +1= 50 Which is the Year of Jubilee and the 1000 year millennial  reign of Christ on the earth.