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The Kabbalah- The Sacred Geometry of the Universe

Tree_of_Life_(Sephiroth)_svgYaHuWaH has directed me to SPEAK (Malak) about this, as this will become very useful for us to refer back to just as the MAZZAROTH post is.

I was directed to the Torah first and foremost, which is our guidebook, specifically the first five books or Pentateuch. The Torah is the divinely inspired word of YaHuWaH which was written in the divine HEBREW language. There are 22 letters in the Hebrew alphabet. If you start in the book of Genesis (written in Hebrew) and take the first letter and count 49 letters and take the 50th letter  though out the entire first two books of the Torah you get the word TORH. In Leviticus the sequence stops but if you do the same in Numbers and Deuteronomy your get HROT or Torah backwards. Finally, if you Look at Leviticus and count in 7’s from the first letter you get YHWH!! All  five books point to YaHuWaH the author and finisher of our covenant relationship with him.

Now the Kabbalah is based on the 10 Sephirot or emanations of YaHuWaH. Creative sparks if you will. This is mimicked in the human body as the Chakras as we are made in HIS divine image. These are the energy centers of the human body which is a mimic from the divine template of the entire creation in the universe. The tree of LIFE. At the CROWN we have the Keter (See my post of the Ketoret). This is what is meant by the CROWN of  ETERNAL LIFE.

There are three columns which fall under this. Father, Mother and Son. The SON is the middle column as all  “32” paths must go though him to reach the CROWN. (if you crisscross the 22 Hebrew letters in the Kabbalha by the 10 Sephirot you get 32 paths. Hence the number “33” is the Divine attainment.

(The MASONS and Illuminati  have this all fucked up however. They have perverted the truth).

The Kabbalah is just a schematic of a spiritual concept of how YaHuWaH has created and continues to create HIS UNIVERSE. The right pillar is the fire element of our male Heavenly Father. (SHIN). He sits on the MERCY SEAT hence this side is the merciful FATHER God. The left pillar is the water element which gives birth and is the MEM or  MEM  “OTHER”  side.  (MOTHER) . She is the JUSTICE element. She is the also the VOICE or MOUTH . YaHuWaH is ONE GOD that emanates both male and female aspects.  When one is operating as a Malak they are functioning as the feminine aspect of YahuWah. The Shekinah which bears witness.

The 10 Sephirot are the 10 declarations in the book of Genesis whereby YaHuWaH spoke the world into existence from Chaos. The “Let there be’s”…. if you will. They are  the ten attriibutes of the Godhead. They are as follows:

Above-consciousness 1 Keter-“Crown”
Conscious intellect 2 Chokhmah-“Wisdom”3 Binah-“Understanding”
Conscious emotions (Primary emotions:)4 Chesed-“Kindness” 5 Gevurah-“Severity”

6 Tiferet-“Beauty”

(Secondary emotions:)

7 Netzach-“Eternity” 8 Hod-“Splendour”

9 Yesod-“Foundation” (Vessel to bring action)

10 Malkuth-“Kingship”

Yahushuwah  was the corporeal manifestation of the 6 emotional conscience manifestations of the Sephiroth hence he was the SON OF MAN. Man being represented by the number 6. When he returns he will complete the 7th or Malkuth manifestation (#10) as KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS. (He was therefore the embodiment of #’s  4-9)

The Divine VESSEL of Consciousness.  After His death and resurrection he promised to send An OTHER. (AN ETHER) . #2 and #3. The Divine Ruach Ha’Kodesh which is the embodiment of WISDOM and UNDERSTANDING. You need both to reach the CROWN OF LIFE.

All paths must go through through THE SON.  Not the SUN…SUN WORSHIP is a DEVIANT LIE from the truth. Another DEVIANT path involves DAAT which was and is the TREE OF KNOWLEGDE. We will discuss this FALL OF MAN at another time. DAAT leads to DEATH.

It’s not the same tree.  It’s a FALSE TREE. The Baphomet is based around that tree.

For now just know that you can KNOW GOD PERSONALLY. He is not the UNKNOWABLE or UNEFFABLE GOD. He wants to talk to YOU!! Yes little old you! Quit talking and praying and let him TALK will you?? You are to LISTEN!! I’m not talking meditation either. No trancing out BS. No chanting…That is all a PERVERSION. Not necessary at all… Just be yourself. It’s who YaHuWaH created! He wants to commune with you in his GARDEN! The GARDEN is wherever HIS spirit dwells..

Well, we will be exploring this much further. I am learning as I go along. I’m sure HE will show you things as well for your own knowledge and enrichment. It never gets boring with YaHuWaH. There is SO MUCH TO LEARN.. Our ELOHIM is AMAZING..



The Tree of Life- John 14:6- the serpent seedline

serpent seed


Yahushuwah saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto
the Father, but by me. So what’s he saying here? Basically, there’s only one way to get to know your Creator. Period. And it’s a NARROW way,  That’s through the Messiach- The Redeemer of mankind. The STRAIGHT gate. God modeled the way of Salvation himself by taking on a physical body  so that we could relate to Him personally. Instead of trying to understand the vast concept of an infinite God which we could never grasp with our finite minds, he shows us someone we can relate to..-a divine man. Yahushuwah referred to himself as the “Son of Man”. This is actually a mis-translation. It was actually, the  Son of a Woman. He had no earthly Father. He was conceived by the Ruach HaKodesh, (YWHW’s divine wife and feminine aspect),  operating through Miriam his earthly biological virgin  mother and the Messenger Gabriel. ( Divine artificial insemination if you will). There wasn’t any earthly paternity. PERIOD. No Y chromosome because the Y chromosome had been damaged genetically since Eden. Eve took the “fruit” (i.e seed)from the serpent, remember? He seduced her and the resulting Males thereafter had corrupted DNA. The bible says the enmity was put between Eve’s SEED (X chromosomes only) and the Serpents Seed (XXY chromosomes). After this act, we get the XY genotype , Prior to this they were XX or YY. Pure strains. The serpent was an androgenous being. It possessed both sex organs.  It doesn’t say anything about the serpents seed being at enmity with Adam’s seed ( the Y chromosomes) …Just Eve’s…Eve was punished with having to experience travail in child bearing. She got a third strand implanted. Travail if you look up the word, means to impale with THREE STAKES.  Eve’s  daughters didn’t get corrupted genetically until the Nephilim got a hold of them.  The wages of this sin was physical death. The whole genome got polluted. Experiment gone bad. The Creator put them out of the controlled lab environment (EDEN) and gave them the boot so that they wouldn’t eat of the Tree of Life and live forever in that fallen genetically corrupted state. So what then could have been the tree of Life? Was it a Literal tree?

Well the bible is a code book. Trees in the bible are people. ex. (I see men as TREES walking). Angels are referred to as STARS. So we know there were TWO TREES in the Garden or two apparent divine humanoids in the garden. One had knowlege of Good and EVIL (Ha Satan) and the other was the giver of LIFE (Yahushuwah). I think they were both there in the Garden. Both were SONS OF GOD. The two pillars if you will on either side of the Kabbalah. The bible says that the WORD (LOGOS) gives life to the hearer. It isn’t the Life per se but the conduit for giving it. God speaks and it comes into being. Divine Harmonics. The LIFE itself or divine spark  is the RUACH Hakodesh. The LOGOS says the LETTER KILLETH, but the SPIRIT maketh alive. Without the Ruach there is no divine LIFE spark. You can study the LETTER till the cows come home and you won’t be any closer to LIFE. She is the creative force of the universe. Without her… you are spiritually DEAD.  The command goes forth from the Father – The UNCTION if you will  to Create, and the LOGOS transcribes it and proclaims it into language, and the Ruach manifests it.  Basically after Adam and Eve sinned, they were cut off from fellowshipping with GOD. It actually affected there ability to hear him audibly.  Nothing flowed after that. The “CHAIN” had been dislocated…LITERALLY. A DNA insertion. Whoops!! Well God wasn’t about to copy that MISTAKE for eternity so he banned them from the fruit of Yahushuwah. The Living Word and the Holy Spirit that emanates from it.

The Kabbalah talks about 10 emanations. We’ll get to this as YHWH leads. Shalom.