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The two Dead Navy Seals. Employed by TRIDENT SECURITY .Guarded cargo on FL370.

NAIROBI, Kenya — Police on the island nation of Seychelles say that two former U.S. Navy SEALs found dead aboard the ship Maersk Alabama died of respiratory failure and were suspected to have had heart attacks, possibly from drug use.

The police said Monday that a syringe and traces of heroin were found in their cabin (ONE CABIN?). Police said samples are being sent to Mauritius for analysis to establish if the men had consumed “a substance” (HEROIN? REALLY? )that could have caused the health failures.
(Note: Ufologist expert Roger Leir also found dead of apparent HEART ATTACK SAME WEEK).

The ship the men worked on, the Maersk Alabama, was the focus of a 2009 hijacking dramatized in the movie “Captain Phillips.”


Officials named the two men as Mark Daniel Kennedy, 43, and Jeffrey Keith Reynolds, 44. They worked for the Virginia Beach, Virginia-based maritime security firm The Trident Group.

The U.S. Coast Guard is also investigating the deaths.

The two men worked for U.S.-based Trident Security, according to police. Former military personnel frequently provide security on board ships sailing through the waters off Somalia to provide security against pirate attacks.

Trident Security was founded by former U.S. Navy SEALs in 2000 and employs former special warfare operators to provide security.

The Maersk Line said the cause of death is under investigation but is “not related to vessel operations or their duties as security personnel.”

(Yeah, right)