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Who really was Joseph of Arimathea?

Joseph of Arithmathea


Well we get that picture that this Religious Jew just shows up out of nowhere’s during Yahushuwah’s ministry. Sorry..he was in the picture all along. He was the Virgin Mary’s husband. He wasn’t a carpenter either. He was a wealthy tin & wood merchant who traveled extensively. He was a widow and had other children from his first wife Salome. She dies somewhere’s along the line. Mary actually was the babysitter for them. Mary as we said before, was an orphan it appears at a young age. Her mother Hannah (St. Anne)  dedicated her to the temple as a priestess from birth. This family was never poor. Yahushuwah attended the best schools and traveled with his dad Joseph of Arimathea extensively. He had kingly training and substance such that fisherman dropped what they were doing and FOLLOWED him at the drop of a hat. He was never your common average guy.

So where does the title “of Arimathea” come from then? Well its NOT a place. He was an MATHMETICIAN. He was a builder- possibly a mason or master woodworker and had to know measurement, geometry, angles, and precision. He attended the Arimathea-probably a fancy training academy for scholars that taught Mathematics,  Geomatria and mystical Judaism. Yahushuwah followed in his footsteps and learned those mystical arts as well. The whole famil,y including Elisabeth, Zacharias, and John the Baptist were wealthy mystics who understood the Kaballah correctly and were a priestly family… including the women. When Yahushuwah died on the tree (not a cross by the way!) it was his dad who begged for the body cause this was Jewish Law. He put him in his own grave because he thought he would surely die before his “son” as any parent would, and being an elder he was prepared for this.  They cut a huge stone and had it rolled in front of the door to the tomb. He also was said to have owned the Shroud of Turin after the Resurrection and took it to Britain (along with relics from the crucifixion and vials of the blood and sweat of Yahushuwah), where it became the HOLY GRAIL. (Holy Gremara). He was a true believer and not a serpent seed even though he was a member of the Sanhedrin. Supposedly King Arthur was one of his decendents. This shows us that YHWH has his ELECT spread out across the board in different religions, denominations, and sects. The wheat and the tares are indeed growing together and they always have been. YHWH has chosen his family as he pleases and his sheep hear his voice. Joseph was told right from the beginning about Mary and he was supposed to provide and look out for her. I don’t believe he ever had sex with her. I’m with the Catholics on this opinion- but there is no place to venerate her either as this is something which was done by the TRUE MOTHER OF YAHUSHUWAH…the RUACH HA’KODESH. Neither his biological mother (MARY) or his father (Joseph) were his parents. Period. They were merely vessels used by the true heavenly parents. Shalom.