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3/16/14 Wrap up of Malaysia Flight 370 as revealed to me by YaHuWaH.

Boeing 777

Well first off, this crew had most likely done this route before. The Diego Garcia US Naval base in the middle of the Indian Ocean was the planned destination from the onset. The 20 from Austin Freescale Semiconductor were to be dropped off there during the night under secret Military clearance as that company just contracted with the US Military on 3/3/14 to work on High tech electronic warfare microchip technology. Then the flight would have continued to Bejing with the rest of the passengers unawares. They could have just planned to arrive later saying they needed to refuel, problem, whatever…

They had to go under the radar, seeing as they had secret clearance to this Naval base to land,  so nothing was really amiss, although it was not above board with the Malaysian government. The ACAR system was probably disconnected before they even took off, whereas the transponder was just turned off on cue.

Problem was, that the plane was intercepted by a UFO in flight. That part wasn’t planned. It hasn’t sunk and it never landed. It’s still on the ship. The ship belongs to Michael the Arch” Angel” (Malak), and head of YaHuWaH’s heavenly Host. This was a strategic play by God himself to subvert the manufacturing of this RF chip designed by Freescale Semiconductors. This technology is EVUL (EVIL). It uses microwaves to electronically target and kill selected RF chipped individuals using Satellite links and infrared imagery.

Now mind you, these evil folks (and they want to chip ALL of us) have micro-chipped persons without their consent and knowledge. Alien implantation is insidious and rampant in our culture, and they are using alien grey (DEMONIC) technology in exchange for human abductees, especially children.

It’s gotten WAY out of Hand..

As in the days of NOAH….

YaHuWaH is protecting his 144,000 ELECT that are here to usher in the Magog War and make the way for our Messiah’s Return again.  History is winding down and these demons know their time is short. This technology will not be permitted to be used on us. The crew and the 20 “employees” (HYBRIDS?) of Freelance have been annihilated as a result. . The rest of the folks are still on board the UFO and are not harmed. They may or may not be returned. I don’t know their fate yet. Our GOD is just. His decision will be the right one for each person involved. If they are returned, they will most likely not remember anything about the abduction. They may already have been dropped back on Diego Garcia and the Military doesn’t know how to explain THAT!

Passengers but no PLANE!            HA!           OUR GOD ROCKS!

The 777 plane will NOT be returned. The plane will be used in the future to take out MOAB. (THE MOTHER OF ALL BOMBS) owned by the US Military. The US Military  is on NOTICE from GOD. They have overstepped their bounds in the galactic community. They will be judged. They have sided with Ha Satan to gain a technological and tactical advantage in the whole world and have killed many innocent people to do so.

The US will pay the piper for this.

You can’t trust the TV media, CIA, Politicians, or any of that. They are scrambling for answers as they are all controlled by the Illuminati and Vatican sorcerers. They are freaked out, and that is why this has gone viral and international.  They know by the pattern of the 20,000 feet drop and zigzags that were flown, that the pilots were not in control of that aircraft and that another UFO, not owned by them, had taken over control of that plane. It would not surprise me if Michael was actually in that cockpit and spoke to the tower that night.

We serve an AWESOME GOD.