The word of YaHuWaH for 10-25-12 Isaiah Chap 49

This message is for the Elect. He hath called us from the womb. You did not choose Him- He has chosen you! Our mouths are like sharp swords…Cutting edge…We do not  mince words. We are NOT politically correct. We do NOT flatter with our lips. We are NOT gossiping on facebook, twitter, etc…We are NOT crowd pleasers. I have labored in VAIN as have you. I have spent my strength for NOUGHT. I wasted SO MUCH TIME trying to fit into this world system as have you. Judgement is falling on us first. We are to be a LIGHT now to the world. It’s time to stand up and be counted for righteousness. He will preserve us. We shall inherit the DESOLATE places. We shall not hunger or thirst. He will supernaturally take away these physical needs. (It’s getting so I can’t even eat food! It makes me physically ill.)  The SUN will not smite us. All this talk about coronal mass ejections, planet X, Nibiru, etc.. is NOT for the Elect.. To imply desolate places means they WILL be made to be desolate. Many lives will be lost but the Elect are protected. The word today is Lazarus come forth… we need to put that dead person enslaved by society and the beast system to death and let the resurrected Christ well up inside of us. We are to be joyful and break forth into singing in our hearts despite the sorrow that has relentlessly been afflicted on us from our mother’s womb. Yahusuwah Ha’mashiach (Jesus Christ’s real name) will not forget thee. He shall keep you in this time of trouble. Verse 16: I have graven thee upon the palms of my hands;
thy WALLS are continually before me.. You say what walls??? Anything that blocks us from having a continual close face to face close relationship with Him. He is working behind the scenes and yes allowing Satan to effectually bring us to this place…The  ONLY SAFE place.He will contend with them that contend with us. Are you a TI? (Targeted individual) All of the Elect are…All the world is going to know you here shortly. verse 26: All flesh shall know that I the Lord am thy SAVIOR and REDEEMER, the mighty one of Jacob. Get ready for your unveiling. The stage is being set and we are the STARS!

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