The word of YaHuWaH for 10-26-12. Isaiah Chap. 49 continued.

My work is with the Lord, my Elohim. Our work is to gather the flock. His end time Elect. We are to gather and raise up the tribes of Jacob again and to restore the “preserved” of Israel. Man despises His Holy ones..His chosen ones.Say to the prisoners and the captives..GO FORTH!  Come out from Babylon and the abominations of desolation.(i.e the Laodicean churches). Come out from the Beast System!  He will make a way in the High places for you!. The HIGH ways and mountains. Those people that have laid you waste in the past shall go forth from thee.Instead you shall be clothed with them as badges of honor on your wedding garments. God shall raise up children under you in the Lord as well, which you shall lead through the NARROW gate.You shall not ever be ashamed. The kings of the earth will lick the dust off your feet because you wait for YaHuWaH. Furthermore HE will SAVE YOUR CHILDREN! (Yes- It’s in the word moms…)These may or may not be biological children, but never the less they are your prodigy in the Lord. This is the great gathering of the GENTILES and it will be done by you- The Elect!

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