The Word of YHWH for 11-10-12 Jeremiah Chapters. 24 & 25. The Naughty FIGS.. Posted 5 years ago…..

It’s time to get out of dodge folks. Now this isn’t literally leaving the USA, unless HE tells us to do that specifically which HE may do that too. Right now though, the main word I got is HEAD for the HILLS!This is LITERAL. Get off the coasts. Get off the fault lines. Get to the highest elevation you can. You have about 30-45 days to do so. Get away from any Nuclear Reactors, dams, or volcanoes. Oh and those folks in Denver that think that going underground is going to save them… Go ahead. Your gonna be BURIED ALIVE! YaHuWaH will unleash HIS FURY here shortly. You should be spending ALL your free time with HIM so you know what to do. HE has a plan of SAFETY for all that are sealed in HIM. This is a SUPERNATURAL Drawing together of His Saints. He has assured me he will HIDE US under his wings. Leave your 501c3 churches if you haven’t done so. Take to the HIGHways NOW! the enemy will shut them down here shortly so you won’t get to where you need to be. More importantly, take to the HIGH way SPIRITUALLY. You CAN NOT compromise your faith! In your isolation with YaHuWaH alone as your guide, HE will supernaturally UNITE HIS ELECT. You pack up your family and kids and GET GONE. If they won’t go LEAVE THEM BEHIND. This is that SERIOUS…I myself am leaving Florida. If you live in FL, MS, LA, AL, TX. you need to find a new home. You don’t want to stay there unless your a REAL GOOD SWIMMER. (i.e. DELUGE). Same goes for any coastal cities. Also Any LARGE Metropolitan areas.  Get the HELL OUT NOW. The FIG TREE is about to be shaken and all those nasty dirty rotten figs are gonna be tossed around. The great WHIRLWIND. The good fruit will HOLD to the BRANCH. You better strengthen your grip on the BRANCH- Yahushuwah Ha’ Mashiach.If you are not BEHOLDEN to HIM your going to Go DOWN and be TRAMPLED UNDERFOOT. The parable of the FIG TREE said SUMMER WAS NIGH. Well guess what?  We’re headed into WINTER NOW!! Time to harvest the figs…DUH….The ELECTION (nice Play on Words YaHuWaH) is OVER. God’s Election is OVER TOO! Either your IN now or OUT!! It’s that simple. The “OUT” ies may get another crack during the tribulation period, but they will now have to DIE for their FAITH. PERIOD. They will have to REFUSE to take the chip which is in the Obama Health Care Mandate folks. If your that ignorant and don’t know this by now well guess which group your in?? Hum….What did Messiah say?? My people PERISH for lack of ….Healthcare??


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