The Word of YaHuWaH for 11-9-12 Ezra Chap. 9 & 10

Well you’re not gonna like this WORD one iota. I saw this one coming yesterday and I had to postpone it because quite frankly I don’t like it myself. This is where the rubber is going to meet the road folks. Chapter 9 & 10 deals with the priests and leaders that took STRANGE WIVES. We’re to separate ourselves from the heathens NOW. The time for leading them to the Lord, compromising your faith,  blah blah blah is OVER… You’re not gonna be able to justify your ungodly relationships any longer. If your living with someone and you aren’t married to them or your fornicating or committing adultery. Guess what?? Your SALVATION is now on the line. Even if you MARRIED the HEATHEN, its time to say BYE BYE…You’re either going to choose your LORD as YaHuWaH or your going to PERISH. Period. You need to REPENT NOW!! The Jews did. They fell on their faces and asked HIS FORGIVENESS and got RID of them out of their lives. Choose this day who you are going to serve. Your FLESH?? or our Sovereign Elohim. The Jews  sent the unbelievers PACKING… even if they had kids with them!!  YaHuWaH swept house and He’s getting ready to do it again. Would you rather be there and watch them DIE?? Separate yourselves AS SOON as you possibly can,  because JUDGEMENT is coming to the house of the LORD first and it’s at the very door.
If you can’t Divorce them, then just LEAVE. Take a SABBATICAL and tell them you are not Leaving them, you are going to be spending time alone with GOD for awhile. Nothing personal. PERIOD.  YaHuWaH is a Jealous Elohim and He is NOT going to take a back seat any longer…TO ANYONE…even your UNSAVED SPOUSE.  The time for EVANGELISM is OVER… You need to give YaHuWaH 100%. And this doesn’t go for just wives and girlfriends. This goes for FAMILY MEMBERS TOO. Parents, siblings, children, coworkers, friends, etc.Give them the WORD and then LEAVE!! Yes its Horrible but He’s GOD and we’re not. Either you serve HIM completely or your gonna be right there with them.  TOAST. YWHW does not mess around. He’s getting ready to Take out AMERICA. Believers through Prayer may HOLD it back for a season but sorry folks this is inevitable…This Babylon WHORE is going down. Don’t you be caught with your pants down with her. It’s time to either be CELIBATE or be Married to a BELIEVER.Those are the ONLY two choices. Oh,  and if you think that means Gay marriage guess again. NOT. That one is SO obvious it amazes me that people can actually try to think those people are even saved. They need DELIVERANCE big time. But we serve a SAVIOR that is able to DELIVER all of us from all of our SINS and evil if we sincerely ask and commit to HIM. He will lead us into ALL TRUTH because HE IS THE TRUTH. Give him your all today. You will not be ALONE, I promise you. He’s right there ready to meet you and help you every step of the way but you have to want HIM and HIM ALONE to do so. Yah Bless you in your closer walk with Him…


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