“Chipnapping”- A primer in RFID Implantation

“You should become familiar with RFID technology because you’ll be hearing much more about it soon. Retailers adore the concept, and CNET News.com’s own Alorie Gilbert wrote last week about how Wal-Mart and the U.K.-based grocery chain Tesco are starting to install “smart shelves” with networked RFID readers. In what will become the largest test of the technology, consumer goods giant Gillette recently said it would purchase 500 million RFID tags from Alien Technology of Morgan Hill, Calif.”

Is this in your face or what? I was “chipnapped” many years ago and remember hearing them whisper in my ear-“You’ll never be the same after this”. The Greys have been tracking us for Ions and this ad above is just plain blatant about it. A couple of weeks ago, I think they gave me a new one. This time in my right heel. I noticed in upon bathing that my heel had a rather large slice in it. No pain whatsoever but YaHuWaH told me what they were up to. He doesn’t stop them from doing this though. My first chip that I got years ago has caused all kinds of problems with my neck and TMJ in my jaw which I didn’t have before I got chipped. It also causes neck spasms and head shaking at the base of my neck.

YaHuWaH’s people are a STIFF NECKED PEOPLE! They are ELECT and they are being monitored with neck implanted chips! The phrase has nothing to do with being rebellious. They are being watched. PERIOD. Since he knew us before the foundation of the world HE keeps tabs on us. The GREYS want to know where we are, cause we are a threat to them… hence the chips. YaHuWaH doesn’t need a chip to know us. He knows the # of hairs on our head for pete’s sake, but the GREYS do!! Greys are actually DROIDS. They are EBE’s. Biologically enhanced robots. They are programmed by their Reptilian Draco masters.

Well, if you are ELECT then you have chips. Period. I heard you can have an MRI possibly to find them or the neodymium magnets can help to deactivate them. If they are EBE chips though,they can move around and an MRI will not find them. THIS IS NOT THE MARK OF THE BEAST, either! These are for TRACKING and are put in w/o your knowledge. The BEAST CHIP, on the other hand will be accepted with the person’s complete knowledge. It will promise extended life. More will come about this chip at a later time as YaHuWaH leads me.

The best medicine is to stay RELAXED and in the presence of our Alyohim. Tension does activate the chip and cause more discomfort. If you have a chip and know about it I’d like to hear from you! Feel free to leave comments! Shalom.

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