Queen Vashti- The First Feminist in the Bible. Esther Chap 1


This lady had a lot of class and because of it, she lost not only her position in the kingdom as Queen, but also her life! She was of royal Babylonian blood being the granddaughter of King Nebuchadnezzar and the only daughter of Belshazzar his son. She was a born and bred Queen. When her husband King Ahasuerus (Ataxerxes I) gets drunk he tries to get her to parade around with just a crown on her head for his buddies. What an asshole! These guys had been partying for 7 days, okay and she is having a girls bash also at the same time, so she’s not a prude by any means. The idea of drinking somebody under the table goes back to this custom of where the guys would have a drink and then they would have to crawl under a table and get back up before they could have the next drink. It was like a drinking game they played. This King evidently couldn’t really hold his liquor very well, cause he got sloshed and the Queen called him out on it, told him he couldn’t hold his liquor,  and refused to parade around naked for him. Well the sluts (Courtisans) that  he had at his party were the ones that egged him on to put the demand on the queen to begin with. This woman had enough class to refuse his asshole excellency, but it cost her her life. The King’s counselors said she was setting a bad example for other woman in the kingdom, (Ahh GEE) ,and that they wouldn’t listen to their hubbies either if she got away with it,  so they had her killed. To me, this woman deserves more respect than ESTER! Esther was a nobody. We don’t know who she is, other than this old guy Mordacai says he’s her uncle. (pimp daddy) . No mommy or daddy. Hum… Furthermore, she changes her Jewish name from Hadassah to the name Esther.  (Esther=Ishtar-Babylonian.) That’s a sellout right there. She’s a sham. She’s a pretty girl who gets prostituted by her uncy Mordecai- Her Handler.  And she’s a liar.  Her uncle Mordacai gets in trouble with Haman for not bowing down to Haman and yet nobody kills him! He gets promoted. Haman wants to, but he ends up getting it instead. The whole story is just that I think. It’s a Story.And it should piss you off.  It’s so utterly ridiculous. Esther is not a Heroine. She’s  a manipulator and conniving. How could you love a man that murders his ex wife?  To think Haman would want to kill every Jew because of Mordacai’s actions is also absurd. Haman was begging her forgiveness and the bitch let everybody think he was making a pass at her. This is an example of where you need to see that ALL RELIGION IS CORRUPT to the core. There’s no historical record of her or Vashti. To think it’s Okay now to celebrate the hanging of a man and getting drunk to celebrate the saving of the Jews (Purim)  and saying that’s the will of YHWH? You gotta be kidding me…What a bunch of bullshit.  Use your own discernment here. Read between the lines. The only decent person in the story was the Queen that wouldn’t participate in the drunken debauchery of her asshole husband.  It’s a case of follow the white rabbit… (and the EASTER BUNNY and the eggs) and most will take the carrot and do so and miss what’s really being said here.  The true righteousness was to stand up for what you believe in and be willing to die for what’s RIGHT. All three did that in their own way, but they each had a different outcome and it wouldn’t matter who did what. YHWH is in control and He and He only determines the outcomes and it doesn’t matter who any of the players are. It’s His stage folks. 


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