A Message to Ha’ massa- Jer. 23:10-40 The “Burden of the Lord”. The False Oracles.


YaHuWaH absolutely blew me away on this teaching IN THE BIBLE about the Muslim Brotherhood today and how it is NOT OF HIM! The words “BURDEN OF THE LORD” jumped out at me and I thought that was very strange. I looked up the Hebrew word in the text and it was HMAS! If you read the complete chapter it tells of false prophets who are walking the SLIPPERY SLOPE (OIL) and who are not being led by GOD at all! They are following their own EVIL devices. To see it in scripture just blew me away that this was written so long ago and yet it is pin pointed to our End Tmes right here and now. We serve an Amazing Elohim and his name is not ALLAH or LORD (Baal) either for that matter!

They will be punished for their SWEARING by a false name, (verse 10),  and for leading millions astray with the false religion of Islam. The false name and devotion to a false god and his prophets (Mohammed-the DREAMER-verse 25), will cause our Elohim to send the WHIRLWIND and WORMWOOD to them. (verse 15, 19) The inhabitants of Jerusalem are no bette,r as they are seen as adulterers and IN BED with the evil forces as well. (verse 14).  Basically the remnant of true believers are in the NORTH (Syria?) and that’s why that country is being targeted. The “slippery” (Oily)  WAY wants it’s way THROUGH there. (verse12).

YaHuWaH reiterates several times over that this so called ENTHUSIASM (Hamas) for God has NOTHING to do with him! They are FALSE PROPHETS every one of them. The BURDEN (HMAS) of “the Lord” is the Lord BAAL.

The phrase “Allahu Akbar” is an abomination to Him. His name is not Allah. This is BAAL worship. Period.

To see this spelled out in scripture and for it to be so right on for our times, was just amazing! YaHuWaH is not far off somewhere. He is totally in control. His WORD is ALIVE and he will fulfill it to the letter.

Furthermore, when they say “PEACE”….Look out! There will be no peace until the Prince of Peace returns to set up His Millenial Kingdom, and HIS NAME is YaHushuWaH  Ha’Mashiach, not JESUS CHRIST! YaHuWaH’s Salvation!



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