Syrian Goddesses Atargatis (Derceto),her Daughter Semiramis, and the Nine Muses her granddaughters & the Obama (Scorpion) Connection- Satan’s Seedline.


Atargatis is a Goddess of Syrian origin whose worship spread to Greece and Rome (and further). She was a great mother and fertility goddess of the Earth and Water, considered the main goddess worshiped in Syria. Doves and Fish (hum?) are sacred to Her: doves as an emblem of the Love-Goddess, and fish as symbolic of the fertility and life of the waters. She is so closely identified with the fish that sometimes She was represented in the form of a mermaid—–Her upper half that of a human. She is the great civilizer, who taught the people social and religious procedures, and who is responsible for inventing many useful things as Her gift to Humankind. In Her capacity as heavenly goddess, she was concerned with astrology and divination, and fate.  Atargatis is often identified with Astarte.  They did in fact merge  into the same Goddess. (Ishtar?) Atargatis may also be the direct inspiration for the Greek Love Goddess Aphrodite, whose worship is said to have come from the East.

Atargatis was worshipped in Syria in the city of Ascalon, a town said to be famous for its scallions (literally “onions of Ascalon”), later called Hieropolis or Bambyce by the Greeks and one of the five main cities of the Philistines. YaHuWaH has told me this is wrong. The text has been changed to Scallions from SCORPIONS.  This was the Heart of SCORPIO! In Ascalon, the God Hadad (where we get the word DAD?) was considered Atargatis’s consort (He was the local Ba’al, or “Lord”, as She was the local Belit or “Lady”), and there the two of them had a great temple.  He was enthroned on two bulls, while she sat on two lions (like Astarte), holding in one hand a scepter, in the other a distaff.  Around Her waist was a girdle, the magic belt that made Her irresistible when worn. Her crown was in the form of a tower (the mural crown, signifying possession or rule over a city… 9/11? ) and rays were depicted behind Her head.  This statue was covered with gems and jewels from all over, and in Her crown was a great red jewel that lit up the room. It was said that no matter where you were in the room, the statue’s eyes always looked directly at you. (This is the Scorpion- Antares!)  This is how the White Horesman (Obama)  is connected to SYRIA!! It goes all the way back to Derceto/ Atargatis.

Not far from Her temple was a sacred lake, (Lake VAN?) filled with many varieties of fish, Her sacred animal. These fish were well-kept, sometimes even ornamented with jewels. The fish (Porpoises?) knew their names and would come when called, and would snuggle up to people to be pet. In the middle of the lake was an altar that people would swim to to make offerings. According to other writers, It was taboo to eat or touch these fish, except on special occasions and by the priesthood. Her priesthood was  rumored to perform acts of self mutilation and self-castration. Her daughter was Semiramis, and she  was the first to castrate men as Eunuchs and also invented the chastity belt!

The worship of Atargatis spread to other parts of the Mediterranean, mostly brought by Syrian slaves. The Greeks called Her Derketo (an adapted form of “Atargatis”), and considered Her the chief Goddess of the Syrians. She had a temple in Ephesus, where the priestesses were so numerous they supposedly gave rise to the Amazon legends. One Greek story says that Derketo was a nymph who loved a shepherd-boy; when She became pregnant by him She either killed him or threw Herself in a pool in shame, where She was changed to a fish. Another story says that Derketo was” hatched from an egg” (“Lady”  MA GAGA?)  that fell from heaven; it landed in the Euphrates river, where some fish nudged it to shore. There it was found by a dove, who incubated it. Later, to show Her gratitude, Derketo persuaded Zeus to put an image of the fish in the stars, which He did, creating the constellation Pisces.

The cult of Atargatis was first brought to Italy by slaves as well as mercenaries, and gained a footing in Sicily. From there it spread up the boot of Italy, helped no doubt by its wandering beggar priests, who would visit towns with a statue of Her on a donkey to collect alms. The Romans called Her Dea Syria, “the Syrian Goddess”, and considered Her temple in Ascalon that of their Venus Urania, or Heavenly Venus. She was adopted into the Roman pantheon and worshipped with Jupiter. Under the Empire, Her worship continued to be expanded within the Roman lands  by Syrian merchants. By late Roman times She was considered a great Mother Goddess.

So why bring this up? Because the Catholic Church worships this Goddess. The Lady of the Lake!  Derceto lived in the Lake (Lake Van in Syria) and  her Granddaughters, The Muses, (Semiramis and Zeus)  which we discussed in another post have shaped the background for our Greco-Roman culture. The whole King Arther story , Holy Grail, and the Excaliber Sword stories comes from the MUSES and these FISH GODDESSES.  They were hybrids of the Titans.  This shows a direct RELIGIOUS connection between the Catholic Church and SYRIA!  This is a RELIGIOUS WAR alright and furthermore,  The FISH is in the PAN!

The Satyr God PAN (Satan?)  and the Muses inbred as well! The goat and human half breeds came out of this mix. CROTUS (Krotos), a son of Pan by Eupheme, the nurse of the Muses, was brought up, and  he was placed among the stars as Sagittarius, as he had been a skillful shooter. These Fallen Races have been around for eons and these SHE-GOATS are responsible for propagating Lies from their Demonic husbands. These were  the Satanic seedlines and they have propagated their evil all down through the ages making their way into Christianity as the Charities. The Fish and Dove symbology shows up here in the New Testament, as well. None of this stuff is of the Truth.  We will refer back to the Mazzaroth Teaching from time to time as I feel this is all connected to this  also as YaHuWaH writes his plan in the stars. YaHuWaH is not ZEUS , however, and the Christ is not Je ZEUS. This is how the Catholic Church has led millions away from the true Messhiach, substituting in pagan dieties from the past and changing the names such as in using  “MARY” to fit the Queen of Heaven role. The role is just that… It’s all a story to keep you enslaved. These DEMONS are DECEIVERS. There is nothing new under the sun.

Hollywood has been conditioning us for accepting these creatures again with all their movies where these beings are being showcased once again. Lord of the Rings, Star wars, Avatar, etc… is getting you ready to accept the genetic hybrids that are wanting to make their appearances once again on the planet. As it was in the days of Noah will include Mermaids, Satyrs, Manticores, Fauns, Fairy people , etc, and the status quo will think it’s very cool and go along wholeheartedly.  They already do. Already we have pigs and lizards talking cute on Geico commercials and driving cars and riding in planes, etc… It’s not cute. It’s an abomination.. Which brings me to Obama, the clone of Ak “HEN”  oten and direct descendent of this line. (see my post about “Henism”)

YaHuWaH will not tolerate the genetic manipulation and He will destroy the planet for the most part for these genomic sins. He’s done it it in the past and he will do it again. He calls the shots folks! It’s His UNIVERSE. Better get with HIS plan and not the popular NWO World Plan. We’ll expand on the Obama/Syrian connection as well,  in a future post. He is Antares- the White Horseman and he is the red jewel in Derceto’s gown. The heart of Scorpio the Scorpion. The stinging Liar.  (See my post on Barrack Obama-The White Horseman.)

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  1. I read your article while I was at work, so I had to come back to it when I got home. I reread it I learned more the second time.

  2. Your writing style says a lot about who you are and in my opinion I’d have to say you’re insightful. This article reflects many of my own thoughts on this subject. You are truly unique.

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