Home Sweet Homeless and No one’s ACCOUNTABLE…


Well I’m sorry I haven’t been on top of this blog like I should, but I’ve been trying to find work and it’s pretty much NON-.EXISTENT. This is all by design of course. There are hundreds of jobs posted but nobody is hiring, and now I’m beginning to think the postings are all a sham and that the jobs don’t exist. It’s a fraud just like everything else going on in this country. Is anybody holding these agencies accountable for posting jobs that don’t exist? This is PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE. It’s to beat you down and make you feel unwanted, unneeded and last in line. It’s all a bunch of BS. I have over 30 years experience in the Medical Field and I’m struggling to even get an interview. WTF?? Then when they do interview you, it’s like ho hum… We’ll call you maybe next week for Phase 2 of the interview process. Are they kidding me??  The country has gone to hell in a hand basket.

We need to organize and follow up on these bogus jobs and pin these bastards to the wall. In Chicago alone I applied to over 25 specific positions for which I am very qualified and NOBODY even called me. I know there are not 25 people even out there that are qualified to do the work I can do.  It’s a SHAM….

Well enough of that. I need a place to live and I want to be off the GRID. It’s going down anyhow here shortly. I would like to buy some land and have a farm and some animals. I tried to find a place to rent and NOBODY will let you do this now either. They have us by the balls so to speak..NO farm animals… Oh, maybe a small garden…Nothing you can make a living on though.  You have to buy the land to do this kind of thing, and I don’t have the money right now. I bet there are other folks out there though, that want to do the same thing. Most intelligent people are FED UP! I know I am.  If I can get a forum up about this topic then you’ll be able to voice your ideas and meet up with other like minded believers nationwide.

At any rate, I’m under a great deal of stress right now. My phone rings and nobody is there, so I know I’m being tracked also. So what else is new? It’s a SQUEEZE PLAY by the Globalists. You’ve got to understand that they use everyday people to do this. They even pay them to spy on you! It’s the Hive Mind Collective at play. The individuals aren’t necessarily evil, but they are USED without their knowledge for the most part to further the NWO agenda.  Let me ask you this…

If you have applied to a job lately and did not get the job ask who did! Get a NAME. They will probably say they can’t give out that information. Well I feel they should. This is where there is NO ACCOUNTABILITY by these crooks. I’m tired of them using the machine to hide behind. We need NAMES, DATES, WHO IS IN CHARGE, etc… Pin these assholes to the wall. They are using their animosity to further their agenda even in the workplace.  If you see a job posted you want in your community FIND OUT WHO GOT IT, Okay? We need to start policing this SCAM ourselves. This kind of non-existent business ethics is destroying the country.  I feel this information should be posted on the unemployment websites also and that there should be follow though.  Also an explanation of how they were chosen over everyone else for the position would be nice…

We need the JOB POLICE. They are stealing jobs from us right and left…It’s time the citizens take a stand. What ever happened to talking to the manager face to face and getting the job cause you’ve got the best credentials and your ready to go to work. That would actually WORK…. and they sure as hell don’t want that! Instead let’s just run everybody around through websites and Human resource departments that are understaffed and non-existent.. We need to start calling them out on this practice. It doesn’t “Work” and neither are WE thanks to them and this broken process!

I need to stay one step ahead of them and you should too. YaHuWaH has promised us that the righteous do not beg bread!  Vengeance is his. If they are mistreating you, as they are me, HE will personally recompense them for their actions.  Rest assured… God is not mocked.


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  1. Spot on with this write-up, I actually believe that this web site needs a lot more attention.
    I’ll probably be back again to read more, thanks for the advice!

  2. It has been four days since this post, best wishes and good luck to you, whatever is your case now.

    • Thanks James for Caring. I am still trying to find a job. I have been blacklisted by the Medical Industrial Complex. They won’t hire me now. I can’t get unemployment either or even food stamps. They are really putting the screws to the Elect right now. They want me Dead.

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