JOB’s “Friends”- Who were they really? And who really was JOB? The Wizard of OZ (UZ). Job Chap 1-2.

wizard of OZ

Well I have been looking for a “JOB” now for several weeks and am getting rather discouraged about the whole total fiasco that this country is in now when it comes to unemployment. I opened the book of JOB cause I need a JOB. Period. Just reading the first chapter was amazing to say the least.

First of all,  Job was the richest man from the EAST.  Well if you know anything about the people of the East, we know that these were the MAGI. Hello? The WISE MEN, seers, magicians, soothsayers, Enochians, etc… They were the Illuminated ones when it came to spiritual knowledge, be it good or evil. Job was a master adept in a PURE sense in that YHWH says he was a perfect man. The Wizard of UZ. He “eschewed” EVIL. Eschew means to call things out that are evil, to expose it and, try to shed light on it so as to eradicate it. It also means to avoid, outwit, or outsmart evil.

YHWH brags on him to Ha Satan, and the next thing we know Job is under attack or rather his “STUFF” and family are.( Job is the perfect TI-Targeted Individual). The WORK  (JOB) of his hands is under attack.  When that doesn’t deter JOB from his relationship with YaHuWaH, then Ha Satan  goes for his physical body and strikes him with a skin disease of boils ( HIS BODY).

The BOILS can also be rendered as a Boiling CAULDRON OF EVIL- being immersed from head to toe. (SCALDING of THE SOUL).

The SHARD is used to SCRAPE his being. This is a computer term.   It has to do with displacement of code in a horizontal array. He is rearranging MATTER. Re-coding the DNA. Providing a means of SALVATION.

The ASH is the end product of destruction by fire. What remains is (SPIRIT, New Birth).

Through all this, JOB doesn’t sin.  It demonstrates a  DISPLACEMENT of CREATIVE force and energy culminating in the birth of something new. The “Three or Trinity” shows the displacement on these three levels.  The TRIUNE , YET ONE GOD.

Job has 7 sons and 3 daughters. Each SON represents a day of the week. (The 7000 years of creation) They also represent the 7 FEASTS,  that YahUWaH has asked us to keep.  Furthermore the firstborn son also represents Yahushuwah. The 3 daughters represent the 3 shifts of the DAY. (Morning, Noon, & Night and their spiritual equivalents as we already discussed).  Each day, they had a feast in each one’s HOUSE beginning with the first son. I’m sure there is something astrological about this as well. If you notice the SONS get destroyed  ( 7 TRUMPETS, BOWLS, VIALS, ETC…)  but there is no mention about the 3 daughters being destroyed. They are the Trinity FEMININE aspects causing the destruction.

If you read this chapter,  you will see in the Hebrew that all of the tragedies are caused by a FEMININE source. The three females are the Destroyers. The word Sabean is not in the text. It reads SHEBA (The Queen of Sheba- An Archtype ) is falling and taking the flocks , etc.. LIkewise the FIRE from Heaven it too is FEMININE.  The same goes for the Whirlwind… Another feminine aspect of YHWH.  Ha Satan coerces once again with the FEMALE ASPECT of YHWH to turn against  it’s masculine aspect to attack JOB the man.

JOB is a story about YaHuWaH himself . Himself as portrayed as a Man. A Type of YaHushuWaH. The Beni- Elohim or sons of god are the ten sephirot of the Kabbalah with three of them being Feminine. The WIFE in the story is not a wife really. It just says woman in the text. This is the passionate side of YaHuWaH. Wisdom, Judgement, and Knowledge, also represented by the three daughters in the story that are not consumed but rather are the consumers. The FIRE or the set apart SPIRIT. THE ones who PURGE. They are also the three “FRIENDS” that pay JOB a visit to console him.

These three “FRIENDS” that come to comfort JOB are all FEMALE. Lets’s look at the text. It says “the SHE” came to him. (As in SHE-GOAT??- The 1/3 that went against GOD… Pan and his consorts??)   The whole conversation is about GOD conversing with “HIS” various aspects of HIMSELF and his plan for HIS creation laid out in 7 DAYS, 7 HOUSES, 7 MILLENIA, etc….

It’s flabbergasting to say the least!

1. Eli-phaz the Teman-ite   =         PROVIDENCE     UNMERITED SUFFERING       EDOMITES,   ESAU

2. Bildad the Shuhite      =              SALVATION,         BEL LOVES SOUS                SYRIA

3. Zophar the Naa-ma-thite   =        PENITANCE          DIVINE PUNISHMENT        CANAANITES

Anyway, you can kind of get the picture as to what is being lined up and how YaHuWaH has shown it in allegorical form in the story. The three friends are the protagonists in the story and are also three Nations. THE SHE-GOAT. He is portraying all of the parts, however.  It is a PARABLE much like what YaHushuWAH  used when he walked the Earth. Have fun with this and I’m sure you will uncover MAJOR mysteries related to the Book of Revelation as well.  For example, If you line up the 4 corners of the son’s HOUSE that gets destroyed in Job,  you can match that with the four messengers on the 4 corners of the Earth holding back the wind, etc…In Rev. Chap. 7,  This is absolutely astounding how YaHuWAH has used the story, mathematics, computer coding , etc.. etc to show what he has planned and how it all relates.

I only see THROUGH A GLASS DARKLY,  how this fits,  but I’m sure if you spend time with Him he will reveal specifics and mysteries of HIS UNIVERSE to you also! It will BLOW YOUR MIND!

Our Elohim is the MOST HIGH GOD… The Wizard of OZ.


POSTSCRIPT> We’ll get into the PERVERSION of this concept  as well,  through the use of Wizard of OZ Illuminati Mind Control programming on another post… Ha Satan always PERVERTS the TRUTH. Stay tuned !!…

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