The Hunger Games- An Illuminati Playbook

the Hunger Games

Well, well. well…. Isn’t this a fascinating read? My first impression was that this woman, Suzanne Collins, did not write this book but her handlers of course did. I’m sure she had a whole array of writers helping to put together this new playbook for the NWO. How fitting! This is exactly where they want to take us you see. PANEM=Pandemonium. The Fate set forth for the United States. FEMA districts set forth just like in the book. Let’s just romanticize the whole concept like they did with the TWILIGHT and vampire series stuff. They love murdering children, you see, so let’s just make a sport of it , Okay? How ROMAN. How DEMONIC. How New World Order.

We have the whole shallow society of the Capital being played out on our prime time TV shows as we speak. We have Dancing with the Stars. Project Runway, How Not to Dress, American Idol, etc…. all playing into the Illuminati program of the dumbing down of the masses and making you totally ensnared with their sick agenda. And the public LOVES IT!!  We also have all the survivalist shows too,  “CAPITALIZING”, on your FEAR….

The author is a Roman Catholic from SANDY HOOK, for crying out loud. Is that in your face Illuminati bullshit or what? That FSE False flag town that the NWO exploited to get your dumb asses to believe that those school shootings are real when in reality they are all STAGED to CON you.  When this book went to an immediate film, that should have told you RIGHT AWAY that it is a PROGRAM being implemented here.

No doubt… It was a GREAT READ… Of course they know how to trigger strong emotion in the reader. We have so many archtypes being implemented in the book. We have Jesus Christ for crying out loud in “Peeta”- The Bread of Life for Katniss Everdeen… (A Malak is another name for Messenger from God. i.e. Angelic being) . The character’s names are all symbolic. SNOW is the president of Panem- He has you SNOWED.. Get it??  Cinna may stand for Cinema or Cinematic.  If you dig into this you’ll see what I mean.. It’s all laden with Greek/Roman Mythology,  such as the Minataur and the sacrificing of children to him. The author even admits this,  and that she used Alice in Wonderland also as her inspiration. She’s blatantly admitting the Illuminati connection in your face.  Hello? Her dad was military also, so you can bet your bottom dollar she is up to her neck in this shit and has sold out to the devil. She even looks like a witch for crying out loud, and here our society is awarding her with CHILDREN’s Book awards out the ass. You’ve got to be kidding me? This country is fricking doomed. Glamorizing sick shit like this.  They are telling you what they are going to do to you!! They want your kids as Wards of the State.  Just as Ann Rand’s book, “Atlas Shrugged”, was used in the past to show your their Nazi plans, now we have this NEW PLAN.

The NWO plan coming to a Theater near you!

We need to stay one step ahead of these bastards and quit supporting their agenda. DON”T GO TO THE F’ING MOVIES, OKAY!!!

YOU ARE FEEDING THE BEAST. If you want this kind of sadistic society to be implemented here in our future then GO AHEAD…

You’ll get what you ask for. They have their tongues out just waiting to EAT you. You are the FOOD…

Keep on FEEDING HOLLYWOOD and they will serve you up for dinner. Wake up people. Please quit Feeding the Beast. Quit buying the books, paying for the tickets, seeing the shows , watching the TV….You are as much of the problem, and as much of the BEAST when you do this and collaborate with the program. Don’t be such a sucker for their marketing ploys to seduce you into their NWO agenda under the guise of it being COOL and TRENDY.

There is nothing new under the sun, Okay… It’s all been done before and it’s all gone to the shitter….. real FAST…

Let’s nip this shit in the bud and do your part. You should be screaming and exposing this mess for what it is.


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  1. Ditto…I just wish they didn’t hold captive our children. It makes me feel like the only safe place for my family is a cave. I left a full scholarship at film school when I realized what the industry was for and never looked back. They need our energy well I mean the real spirits I’m sure most these humans today aren’t human. Just automatons in action. The scripts are straight from the mouth of the beast just to entice the young. We can destroy them by not just exposing but being the light. Yahweh bless you and our real family.

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