The Four Beasts of Daniel Chap. 7. Beast #2- The BEAR

Artemis and her Seedlines

Artemis and her Seedlines

It my last post I talked about the Lion which came from the East. This also correlated with the constellation LEO the Lion. Likewise, the Bear represents Ursa Major. The goddess behind this story is Artemis or Diana. She was the daughter of Zeus and twin sister of Apollo. She was the Virgin Huntress. She was also know as Hesperus (Vespers). She was an expert archer and carried a bow and arrow.  (Hunger Games, Katniss Everdeen, is a type of her).

In this narrative, the  she-bear  is seen lying on her side.  She is hybernating for winter. This means that she is pointing to  the Northern Star Polaris in Ursa Minor her cub. The Northern wind, Boreas, blows across the sea and this Bear rises up from it.  She was known to have killed several men who tried to rape her and turned one into a Stag…. Maybe that’s where we get the term STAG PARTY.

The cub belonged to one of her favorite maidens who gets raped by her father, Zeus… Callisto. ( Hindu Kali).  Supposedly, the long tails resulted on these bears when they get slung into Heaven by Zeus. He protects them both from getting killed in a deceptive plot initiated by jealous Hera, Zeus’s wife, by turning them into BEARS.  (Leto,  or DEMETER,  was Artemis’s mother-not Hera- so she hated these twins).  These two constellations contain the Big and Little Dippers, as well,  which we all know so well in the night sky.

If we look at the human figurines  of Artemis/Diana we see these strange protuburences  around her mid section.  She is carrying eggs! DNA bloodlines. She had 60 female children given to her by Zeus, even though she was a Virgin.   Furthermore, the  three bones in her bear mouth in Daniel’s dream are a reference to three  lines of stem cells which come from the bone marrow of three different animal species. This was the origination  of manufacturing CHIMERAS  from the different cell lines from the three strains of  animal DNA associated with her. (Stag, Dog, & Bull).  They all got the Bird DNA before the FALL. (Hence, all “angels”  have wings).

In the New Testament, we also have a reference to Artemis. How her “IMAGE” came down from heaven. (Acts 19:35).  We know her Image in the sky was the Bear. There must have been a celestial event  that they were referring to!  The BEAR dipped below the ecliptic which it never does!  ‘She” came down from Heaven. “She”  became the evening Star VENUS. ( i.e. Hesperus or Vespers).   Diana Lucifera.  The Catholics say evening prayers to her to this day! These are all Luciferian practices.

All of these beings are FALLEN ANGELS. These were the ones that were kicked out of YaHuWaH’s heaven.  They have been wrecking havoc on the planet for millenia.  That’s why we see thousands of these beings being  worshiped throughout the world’s various religions. The Hindu religion has thousands!! We know that 1/3 of them fell. The Ha Satan was a group of 70 fallen ones that fell first and then brought thousands down with them. Lucifer is a collective term. It just means “Light Being”. They can be good or bad.  The one arch angel that started the whole FALL was name Halel ben Shacar, the D’EVIL one. He is depicted as VENUS as the DAYSTAR at DAWN.  Diana, (DIOS, Deus, ) is the female equivalent of SATAN as the EVENING STAR at DUSK.   Remember she was a TWIN?? Apollo, Apollyon,  (SATAN) being her MALE TWIN (Phosphorus, DAWN, day bringer, New Dawn, Daystar, etc…) Apollo falls in Rev. 9:11,  and will be responsible for opening the bottomless pit and allowing the army of Locusts to emerge.

That’s why the Mayans tracked VENUS. They were LUCIFERIANS, as well. Venus transits marked significant events that were getting ready to occur.

Well, we as followers of YaHuWaH the divine Creator, know that these are all created fallen beings. They are not to be worshiped. They are still all subject to YaHuWaH and his divine order.  These are the PRINCIPALITIES and POWERS that reign over the earth but have no jurisdiction over the Kingdom of our Elohim.

The BEAR was given power to devour men. She still does…She’s got the whole Catholic Church by the Balls…. Still…..

Choose this day which Kingdom you wish to be a part of… The one that will perish or the one that will last forever…


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