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The Four Beasts of Daniel Chap 7. Beast # 3- The JAGUAR/LEOPARD/PANTHER


This Leopard is actually a Jaguar…  member of the PAN THER family (as in PAN- the goat guy!) This particular chimera was supposedly a cross between a lion and the panther. It’s a hybrid animal. A PAN BEAST. Daniel’s Leopard has four heads and also has vulture wings as well. Vultures are scavenger birds of prey that feed on dead carcasses. A group of feeding vultures is called a WAKE! hummm… We need to break this puzzle down some more…

The Leopard was always indicative of the Moon. Leopards hunt at night and were considered Dark Lords. In the Mayan culture they represented the Bacabs or Four Beasts that held up the four cardinal directions of the Universe, hence the four heads. 

The panther has also been attributed to “Jesus”. In the Abodazara (early Jewish commentaries on the scriptures), it is listed as a surname for the family of Joseph. It tells how a man was healed “in the name of Jesus ben Panther.” Because of this, the panther often signals a time of rebirth after a period of suffering and death on some level. This implies that an old issue may finally begin to be resolved, or even that old longstanding wounds will finally begin to heal, and with the healing will come a reclaiming of power that was lost at the time of wounding.

 Likewise, In the myths and stories of Dionysus, the panther is a symbol of unleashing desires, and thus the awakening of the kundalini forces. The panther symbolized a time of moving from mere poles of existence to a new life without poles or barriers. The panther in a Dionysic manner awakens the unconscious urges and abilities that have been closed down. It signals a time of imminent awakening. 

The jaguar is also said to have the ability to cross between worlds, and daytime and nighttime represented two different worlds to the ancients. The living and the earth were associated with the day, and the spirit world and the ancestors were associated with the night. As the jaguar is quite at home in the nighttime, the jaguar was believed to be part of the underworld; thus, “Maya gods with jaguar attributes or garments were underworld gods”. One such god was Xbalanque, one of the Maya Hero Twins who descends to the underworld, and whose entire body is covered with patches of jaguar skin. Another is God L, who is “the primary lord of the underworld” and often is shown with a jaguar ear or jaguar attire, and atop a jaguar throne. We all know that “Jesus” also descended to the underworld and conquered death and hell while there, and got the keys back from that kingdom of darkness.

No doubt, the jaguar’s brilliant coat made it quite desirable, however, not all were allowed to don the jaguar pelt as it became the identification of the ruling class for the Maya. Not only did Maya kings wear jaguar pelts, but they also adopted the jaguar as part of their ruling name, as a symbol of their might and authority. One such ruling family to incorporate the jaguar into their name was known as, Jaguar Paw, who ruled the Maya city of Tikal in the fourth century. Other Maya rulers to incorporate the jaguar name included, Scroll Jaguar, Bird Jaguar, and Moon Jaguar, just to name a few. In addition to the ruling class, the jaguar also was associated with warriors and hunters. Those who excelled in hunting and warfare often adorned themselves with jaguar pelts, teeth, or claws and were “regarded as possessing feline souls”.

The direction associated with this beast is the SOUTH. The rulers of the SOUTH. This is the sign correlating with Shamanism and shape shifting. Apoptosis in the case of the bodily Resurrection of the Messiah, along with transfiguration in other cases such as seen with Moses and Elijah.

One more beast to go… The WESTERN BEAST….The worst of all!
Stay tuned….

The Four Beasts of Daniel Chap. 7. Beast #2- The BEAR

Artemis and her Seedlines

Artemis and her Seedlines

It my last post I talked about the Lion which came from the East. This also correlated with the constellation LEO the Lion. Likewise, the Bear represents Ursa Major. The goddess behind this story is Artemis or Diana. She was the daughter of Zeus and twin sister of Apollo. She was the Virgin Huntress. She was also know as Hesperus (Vespers). She was an expert archer and carried a bow and arrow.  (Hunger Games, Katniss Everdeen, is a type of her).

In this narrative, the  she-bear  is seen lying on her side.  She is hybernating for winter. This means that she is pointing to  the Northern Star Polaris in Ursa Minor her cub. The Northern wind, Boreas, blows across the sea and this Bear rises up from it.  She was known to have killed several men who tried to rape her and turned one into a Stag…. Maybe that’s where we get the term STAG PARTY.

The cub belonged to one of her favorite maidens who gets raped by her father, Zeus… Callisto. ( Hindu Kali).  Supposedly, the long tails resulted on these bears when they get slung into Heaven by Zeus. He protects them both from getting killed in a deceptive plot initiated by jealous Hera, Zeus’s wife, by turning them into BEARS.  (Leto,  or DEMETER,  was Artemis’s mother-not Hera- so she hated these twins).  These two constellations contain the Big and Little Dippers, as well,  which we all know so well in the night sky.

If we look at the human figurines  of Artemis/Diana we see these strange protuburences  around her mid section.  She is carrying eggs! DNA bloodlines. She had 60 female children given to her by Zeus, even though she was a Virgin.   Furthermore, the  three bones in her bear mouth in Daniel’s dream are a reference to three  lines of stem cells which come from the bone marrow of three different animal species. This was the origination  of manufacturing CHIMERAS  from the different cell lines from the three strains of  animal DNA associated with her. (Stag, Dog, & Bull).  They all got the Bird DNA before the FALL. (Hence, all “angels”  have wings).

In the New Testament, we also have a reference to Artemis. How her “IMAGE” came down from heaven. (Acts 19:35).  We know her Image in the sky was the Bear. There must have been a celestial event  that they were referring to!  The BEAR dipped below the ecliptic which it never does!  ‘She” came down from Heaven. “She”  became the evening Star VENUS. ( i.e. Hesperus or Vespers).   Diana Lucifera.  The Catholics say evening prayers to her to this day! These are all Luciferian practices.

All of these beings are FALLEN ANGELS. These were the ones that were kicked out of YaHuWaH’s heaven.  They have been wrecking havoc on the planet for millenia.  That’s why we see thousands of these beings being  worshiped throughout the world’s various religions. The Hindu religion has thousands!! We know that 1/3 of them fell. The Ha Satan was a group of 70 fallen ones that fell first and then brought thousands down with them. Lucifer is a collective term. It just means “Light Being”. They can be good or bad.  The one arch angel that started the whole FALL was name Halel ben Shacar, the D’EVIL one. He is depicted as VENUS as the DAYSTAR at DAWN.  Diana, (DIOS, Deus, ) is the female equivalent of SATAN as the EVENING STAR at DUSK.   Remember she was a TWIN?? Apollo, Apollyon,  (SATAN) being her MALE TWIN (Phosphorus, DAWN, day bringer, New Dawn, Daystar, etc…) Apollo falls in Rev. 9:11,  and will be responsible for opening the bottomless pit and allowing the army of Locusts to emerge.

That’s why the Mayans tracked VENUS. They were LUCIFERIANS, as well. Venus transits marked significant events that were getting ready to occur.

Well, we as followers of YaHuWaH the divine Creator, know that these are all created fallen beings. They are not to be worshiped. They are still all subject to YaHuWaH and his divine order.  These are the PRINCIPALITIES and POWERS that reign over the earth but have no jurisdiction over the Kingdom of our Elohim.

The BEAR was given power to devour men. She still does…She’s got the whole Catholic Church by the Balls…. Still…..

Choose this day which Kingdom you wish to be a part of… The one that will perish or the one that will last forever…


The Four Beasts Of Daniel Chap.7 Beast #1- The SPHINX.

Mithras in Leontine form

YaHuWaH has been prompting me to talk about this for some reason, and it is very involved. I didn’t want to start something I couldn’t finish or understand, and right now I only get half of it. That’s how HE operates though. He can be such a tease… I want to talk about the first  beast in this session.

The first beast is a Winged Lion. The Hebrew calls it a “SHE” and the wings are vulture’s wings.. It sounded like a Sphinx and that’s exactly what it is.. We already went over a similar story with the story of Oedipus REX. (See my post on this one). “She” was a progeny of the nine MUSES which we also discussed. The ones that mated with PAN. A Chimera. Full- fledge DNA/Demon manipulation.

The winged sphinx of Thebes, the most famous in legend, was said to have terrorized the people by demanding the answer to a riddle taught her by the Muses. Eventually, Oedipus gives the proper answer.  The sphinx thereupon kills herself and Oedipus rules supreme.

This particular Sphinx cited in Daniel is an EASTERN “winged” Sphinx. The Word here in Daniel says it was given a mortal body and became human. Through Egyptian influence, the sphinx became known in Asia. The sphinx did not occur in Mesopotamia until about 1500 bce, when it was clearly imported from the Levant. In appearance, the Asian sphinx differed from its Egyptian model most noticeably in the addition of wings to the leonine body, a feature that continued through its subsequent history in Asia and the Greek world. Another innovation was the female sphinx, which first began to appear in the 15th century bce.

About 1600 bce the sphinx first appeared in the Greek world.  Although derived from the Asian sphinx, the Greek examples were not identical in appearance; they customarily wore a flat cap with a flame-like projection on top. The Phrygian cap identified Trojans such as Paris,  and the Anatolian god Attis who was later adopted by the Roman and Hellenic cultures.

In the later parts of Roman history, the god Mithras — whose worship was widespread until suppressed by Christianity — was regularly portrayed as wearing a Phrygian cap, fitting with his being perceived as a Persian god who had “come out of the East”

So who is the King being referenced here? My guess would be MITHRAS as he came out of the EAST . (From Helios the SUN).

Lion-headed figure

One of the most characteristic features of the Mythraic Mysteries is the naked lion-headed figure often found in Mithraic temples. He is entwined by a serpent, (or two serpents, like a caduceus) with the snake’s head often resting on the lion’s head. The lion’s mouth is often open, giving a horrifying impression. He is usually represented having four wings, two keys (sometimes a single key) and a scepter in his hand. Sometimes the figure is standing on a globe inscribed with a diagonal cross. In the figure shown here, the four wings carry the symbols of the four seasons and a thunderbolt is engraved on the breast.

The name of the figure has been deciphered from dedicatory inscriptions to be Arimanius, which is nominally the equivalent of Ahriman, a demon figure in the Zoroastrian pantheon ,while some scholars identify the lion-man as Aion. (Ari means LION). Although the exact identity of the lion-headed figure is debated by scholars, it is largely agreed that the god is associated with time and seasonal change.

So there you have it. Our first “Seasonal”  or better yet “Directional” Beast is descended from the demon Sphinx hybrid from the EAST and is a hybrid being that becomes a mortal man. He was a fabricated being. (made from a rock, i.e. steel, Human, and Demon)

He was not THE ROCK, however. (YaHushuWaH- the ROCK) The fabricator of life itself.

He was AI #1. An artificial steel/ demonic/human computer hybrid – TRANSHUMAN

complete with his THINKING  Phyrigian CAP!!




Postscript> EUROS (or Eurus) was the god of the East Wind, one of the four directional Anemoi (Wind-Gods). He was associated with the season of AUTUMN and dwelt near the palace of the sun-god Helios the sun in the far east. The four winds bring forth the four beasts.