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The Four Blood Moons. The Queen of the Damned. Dan:7.

Blood moon

The Hebrew word for blood, dam, means ‘mother’ or ‘woman’ in other Indo-European languages (e,g. dam, damsel, madam, la dama, dame) and also “the curse” (damn).  It also is a reference to Menses, hence women get their monthly  “CURSE.  Therefore, the Biblical A-dam means  from a bloody EARTHEN (clay) cursed woman or mother.  (GAIA).

The BLOOD MOON therefore,  is the The Queen of Heaven. (The Evil Sister to the Earth) She is The Queen of the Damned. (ISIS/ISHTAR) and mother of the children of the NIGHT. The Vampiress.

Easter eggs, classic womb-symbols of the Goddess Eostre, (Ishtar/Isis) were traditionally colored RED and laid on graves to strengthen the dead.  This habit, common in Greece and southern Russia, might be traced all the way back to Paleolithic graves which were reddened with ochre, for a closer resemblance to the EARTH Mother’s womb (GAIA) from which the dead could be “born again.”

The Sumerian Great Mother (Tiamat) represented maternal blood and bore names like Dam-kina, Damgalnunna. From her belly flowed the four rivers of Paradise, sometimes called rivers of blood which is the ’life’ of all flesh. Her firstborn child, the 1st savior, was Damu, a “child of the blood.” Damos or ’mother-blood” was the word for “the people” in matriarchal Mycenae.

Another common ancient symbol of the blood-river of life was the red carpet, traditionally trod by sacred kings, heroes, and brides. This is the ‘The Royal Road’ – now favored by Hollywood celebrities, the royalty of our times. We roll out the red carpet because they are considered Royalty. They are royal BLOOD LINES.

The Bible also calls menstrual blood the flower (Leviticus 15:24), precursor of the fruit of the womb (a child). As any flower mysteriously contained its future fruit, so uterine blood was the moon-flower supposed to contain the souls of future generations. This was a central idea in the matrilineal concept of the clan. 

In Satanism/Pagan Catholicism, The Virgin birth of the son of God, the seed of David, is symbolized by the Magdalene presenting the blood red egg. The egg is the son of god and the seed of David which as the nut from the tree (Pinecone/Pineal Gland) over the well is consumed and retained within the salmon (FISH/DAGON) which represents the vulva that resides beneath the womb or well. Christ simply means anointed one and derives from Messe, the act of anointing a Dragon Queen or King with the fat of the Sobekh or water dragon (crocodile). By understanding the dual meaning of Ichthos we comprehend that Ichthos as both Christ(anointed-messe) and salmon (fish) means “anointed Vulva of the Dragon Princess“, giving the meaning that her womb gives issue to the seed of god which is held in the virgin vulva (christ) which sheds its blood, and the seed, for the salvation of man. The body (ova) and blood (menses) of Christ (the sacred womb).

This anointed vulva can be also be found in the Song of Solomon. (Another book I’d personally trash- not of God!).

“My hands are on the lock of the door, my fingers drip with Myrrh” – Sheba.

The act of anointing signifies sacredness and holiness, that someone or something is set aside for some sole Holy Purpose. The anointed Vulva/Womb that itself anoints is set aside for a higher purpose that mere procreation. It is the Holy Virgin Grail which contains the Blood of Christ, the Blood of the Messiahs or Dragon Kings and Queens.The Virgin Birth was not a child, but a seed of a child and Christs (the Vulva’s) sacrifice of its body and blood for the salvation of man was the “birth” or flowing forth of the spent ova in the menses which, in the Eucharist, is symbolized by the Bread and Wine which, as we all know, must be consumed. Hence in Satanism they DRINK the BLOOD of the menses. In Roman Catholicism, it becomes BLOOD also when you partake of Communion through their doctrine of transubstantiation. Pretty sick shit.

The blood MOON signifies that the Whore of Babylon (ISHTAR/ISIS) is menstruating and getting ready to be impregnated to conceive. ISIS had 4 sons. (One of which was Horus). The Tetrad is showing us that history is getting ready to repeat itself in the Heavens. The Whore is ripe for conception this EASTER (ISHTAR).



There is a direct correlation between Daniel Chap 7’s 4th Beast and these


Isaiah 22. The Valley of Vision- Lesson 2- The Judgement of The Silicon Valley

silicon (Saturn Cube) Chips

The Valley of Vision is where we said the surviving passengers of MH370 have been taken.

They are in the Silicon Valley or they are being educated about the Silicon Valley and it’s soon to be DEMISE.

They were picked up in Penang, Malaysia via YaHuWaH’s celestial ship in midair piloted by “Michael”, YaHuWaH’s,  #1 Commander.

Isaiah 22: Vs. 1

The Burden (Cargo) of the “Valley” (Dell) of Vision (Seer or Visionary).

DELL-A small, secluded, and often wooded valley.

Dell Inc. is an American privately owned multinational computer technology company based in Round Rock, Texas, United States, that develops, sells, repairs and supports computers and related products and services. Bearing the name of its founder, Michael Dell, the company is one of the largest technological corporations in the world, employing more than 103,300 people worldwide.

As opposed to the ENEMY Cube of Saturn we discussed previously …

Dell, Inc. is based in ROUND ROCK, TX. It also has a huge operation in Penang, MALAYSIA, right where we said YaHuWaH’s  celestial UFO abducted MH370. This is not to say that DELL was behind it, but someone on the plane,(most likely Phillip Wood of IBM tried to call DELL in Penang for SOS). China mobile phones were jammed, however. YaHuWaH then would have run a download on Micheal Dell for more information.

He is one of ours. A GOOD GUY.

Unbeknownst to him,  he has helped subvert a horrible electronic/biological warfare disaster. (Weaponized RFID Nanochips).

Thanks Micheal(s).


Verse 2-7  goes on to describe a GREAT  Earthquake (HAARP) in the San Francisco Valley as a JUDGEMENT from YaHuWaH against the Silicon Valley

for setting up the demise of ISRAEL and for conspiring with ELAM (Iran) to do so. Elam was a matriarchal society, thus women leading over men and all society. In general, women’s rights in Mesopotamia were not equal to those of men, but in early periods women were free to go out to the marketplaces, buy and sell, attend to legal matters for their absent men, own their own property, borrow and lend, and engage in business for themselves. High status women, such as priestesses and members of royal families, might learn to read and write and be given considerable administrative authority. Numerous powerful goddesses were worshiped; in some city states they were the primary deities .

verse 8-    They have met in secret at the Palace of the Forest (BOHEMIAN GROVE) to plot and plan this cyber/electronic  attack against JERUSALEM.

verse 9-11 The walls are FIRE WALLS of infrastructure that have or will be hacked. It sounds like Israel’s WATER SUPPLY will be key.

verse 12-14 Pronounces God’s Judgement against California’s Silicon Valley  for this TRESPASS against Almighty GOD.

Iran will circumvent and invade the area to their own advantage. The leaders in California will FLEE TO THE HILLS   or



Next Who is SHEBNA?




Isaiah 15: The Burden of MOAB. God’s Near Future Judgement on the USA.


The Burden Of MOAB.  Isaiah Chapter 15

verse 1:

1.AR– Little Rock Air Force Base is the home of the 19th Airlift Wing. Two tenant units, the 314th Airlift Wing and the 189th Airlift Wing (Arkansas Air National Guard) report to Air Education and Training Command. A third tenant unit, the U.S. Air Mobility Weapons School reports to Air Combat Command.

The combined efforts of these units allows Team Little Rock to deploy and train the world’s best C-130 Combat Airlifters.

(Note: C-130’s are used to deploy MOAB)

2. KIR– KIRKLAND Air Force Base. Kirtland is the home of the Air Force Materiel Command‘s Nuclear Weapons Center (NWC). The NWC is the center of expertise for nuclear weapon systems. The NWC’s responsibilities include acquisition, modernization and sustainment of nuclear system programs for both the Department of Defense and Department of Energy.

verse 2:

BAJITH– house or  idol-temple. It has also been regarded as denoting simply the temple of the idol of Moab as opposed to the “high place.” The House of MOAB. Where the bombs are housed.

DIBON-=(DI BAN)- Two “cursed”. To pronounce an Ecclesiastical  curse on these two sites.


MEDEBA- A historic town in Jordan it contains a beautiful mosaic map located in St Georges cathedral on the floor. The map contains two unknown sites. It is a HOLOGRAPH. A bible code for HOT SPRINGS, healing waters. .( i.e Little Rock, AR and Albuquque, NM.)

verse 4:

HESHBON- A historical Jordanian town ruled by AMORITES.   Amor ites are IT Geeks. The ones that will take down AR and KIR.

 King SIHON was their ruler. This an anagram for the King of ZION. GOD, himself,  will take them out using computer technology.

ELEALEH- God has ascended. He is arisen. He will rise to the occasion.

JAHEZ- A SHIP. As in spaceship.

verse 5:

ZOAR- Zoarites, emigrated from the kingdom of Württemberg in southwestern Germany due to religious oppression from the Lutheran church. They did not practice baptism or confirmation and did not celebrate religious holidays except for the Sabbath. A central flower garden in Zoar is based on the Book of Revelation with a towering tree in the middle representing Christ and other elements surrounding it representing other allegorical elements. The town is located  in Ohio. A Safe Zone.

Altenatively, ZOE=LIFE….. All life in AR will be erradicated.

LUHITH- Upward bodily ascent.  Abduction or false rapture.

HORONAIM- Hidden or cloaked Name. False name of JESUS. The Name Of YHWH has been hidden from them. They are on the spiritual road that leads downward. The name used by the Whore of Babylon.


NIMRIM- Nim is a mathematical game of strategy in which two players take turns removing objects from distinct heaps.

                 Rim is the outer edge of a round object, i.e. the EARTH. God is sorting the wheat from the tares. 2 piles.

BROOK OF THE WILLOWS- (WILLOWBROOK)- a corrupt Staten Island institution for mentally ill or delayed children. A Psych ward.

verse 8

EGLAIMEglin Air Force Base- Known for the first Test site of MOAB will also be judged.

BEER ELIM- The beer guzzling drunken military supporting  masses. “Support our Troups crowd”. Another group that will be eliminated by God.

verse 9:

DIMON- Two Moons. Two blood moons foreshadowing and timing the destruction.

I am still working on this Bible Prophecy noted in Isaiah 15 but YaHuWaH is informing me that:

MOAB will be targeted and these three AFB’s.

He has ears to hear what the spirit is saying to the Ecclesia.

I would not be anywhere near these three bases over the next 1-2 years.