The Matrix Revisited- Jobs, room mates, family, and hell on Earth

sitting on the fence

sitting on the fence

Well, Well Well… I don’t know how you folks stand doing this shit your entire lives….I am back “working” again at a “job” and it sure does suck. I did this for years mind you, and I must say I must have been totally brainwashed and insane. Now don’t get me wrong…   If you love what you do and can’t wait to get to work in the morning than more power to ya. Your probably in the minority, however.

The system is designed to make you miserable, tired and broke, even though you bust your ass continually and still can’t get ahead. That is, unless you’ve sold out to the devil, and then you will be rewarded with the finer things in this life. The fame and fortune and status that only daddy Satan can bring. You see, he offered that even to YaHushuWaH when he walked on the earth also, so there we see what this place is all about.

I’m living with room “mates” right now to save money and what an obnoxious way to live. It vexes my soul to the core. Can’t wait to get the hell out of this situation. It’s like living in prison. I stay in my room for the most part when I’m not at “work”. It’s just absolutely miserable. I guess it beats being homeless though. Depends where you are I guess…

For the most part everyone is going to hell and they don’t even know it. This landlady I’m staying with (a real crazy) is a widow and the living room looks like a shrine. Pictures of hubby and family all over the walls. She even has them in MY ROOM that I am renting. A Catholic heretic.

Now family is important to YaHuWaH of course, but ONLY if you are part of HIS FAMILY. Our earthly family is not that important. It’s only a template. You can be born into a real crummy family like I was and be abused. That’s not what YaHuWaH had in mind at all.     OR

You can make family your GOD like this woman does (Mormons are big on this one too) and forget about the fact the YaHushuWaH says your enemies will be members of your own household. He came to divide families folks not mesh them. He  wants to know at what cost your willing to be on HIS SIDE. Are you going to please your Family to keep the peace, or are you going to Love YaH with all your heart despite what anyone else thinks or says. He’s separating the sheep from the goats all the time…

Finally, we have the weather manipulation this past two weeks. If it isn’t enough to have to put up with all this other crap, now we have to plow our way out of the driveway just to do all the stuff we hated before the bad weather hit. Don’t ya just love it! I do think the snow is pretty but after three days of it I’m done.

Give me Florida …

Well, I had to rant cause I am pretty fricking miserable right about now. I want to be able to spend more time with YaHuWaH and I’m being enslavened to Cronus again and the Saturnian Cabal and frankly I detest it. Once you have sat at the master’s feet there is nothing like it. You will never want to go back into this worldly system.  EVER.  It vexes your soul to do so. I can’t wait for this to all be over.

I just want to be with YaHuWaH. It’s the most sacred space to be in and one you never tire of.

Maranatha! Even so, come YaHushuWaH.




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