2/15/16- Here we go- Sentient Iridium and You

Thales is an EVIL company. (Remember Thales Ratheon from the disappearance of flight MH370?) Using iridium, they will now be able to track your every move all over the globe. The new iridium satellite phones are the best on the market.This is what the Superbowl 50 invocation was all about. It makes perfect sense now along with the rainbow effect as  Iridium is iridescent. It is also used in fine lenses for contrasting a landscape. (see the Oakley ski goggle commercials.) oakley-prizm-black-iridium

What they aren’t telling you is that iridium is a fine dust. It could be they are spraying it along with the aluminum to form an iridium salt complex. As iridium does not hurt tissues you could be breathing it in and it will bind to your  iron molecules in your blood hemoglobin. The new satelite system they are launching would then be able to find you no matter  what. The gold must figure in somehow as well but I’ll have to research that some more. Together they form a superconductor.  (Maybe the 666 microchip will be made of gold). At any rate, I know I’m on to something here.

Stay tuned…






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