666-Not an individual man but a new “breed” of man. Triple helix DNA.


The Transhuman Agenda is hell bent on changing humankind and basically redesigning man’s genome and merging his DNA with machine technology to make a new “super” man. Well, now that they have sentient anti-matter that can recombine and be inserted into the DNA helix this could be a reality. I figured out what the 666 is referring to. If you look on the periodic chemistry table under the number  “6” column we have the “noble” elements we have been discussing. Namely, gold, iridium, osmium,silver, & platinum. These elements resist oxidation and have very high tensile strength. Gold, as we well know, is very malleable and highly prized for this quality. Monotomic gold or what is known as M-state gold was used all the way back in Egyptian times by the pharoahs to prolong their lifespans. It can supposedly stop or reverse the aging process. Immortality you see is also part of the NWO plan. They don’t want to die, so they are going to find a means to merge with a computer to stay alive forever. By incorporating three of these “sixes” elements into the DNA helix and creating a new “life form” they hope to outdo “god” by creating a “super” man. This is some really sick shit folks. They see this as their religion and even their duty to right the wrong of the “fall” of man in the garden of Eden. They need to become “gods” and fulfill their destiny to right the previous wrong. No mention is made about Yahushuwah coming here to do that for us by dying for our sins is even acceptable to them.

Do they honestly think that the real “God” is going to just sit by and put up with this BS?They are basically saying he did a half ass job at creating us and they can do better. Wow! What gall! They get us hooked on their technology (i.e. cell phones, laptops, etc..) so that we can’t function in the society without it ,and then they have us at their mercy to comply with whatever they want to throw at us.  If the “hive” doesn’t like you then you are screwed.

The whole social media thing plays into this as well. You have to go along to get along with that crowd also. Nowadays you can’t even get a job if you don’t play that game. I found out one organization I worked for talks to others to see what other jobs you have applied for. There should be some kind of privacy law about that one! If they see you are job “hunting” they will not hire you anywhere that they have their tentacles woven into. Needles to say, I’m jobless again and can’t get hired. I continually have to go outside the “local” hive to find work where they can’t network against me. Pretty soon though, even that loophole will be closed and their will be nowhere’s to turn. I’m being black balled by a computer. The devil’s alive and well in my laptop.

Just try going without it for a while. It will drive them nuts. You’ll start getting phone calls from numbers that don’t exist just trying to get a fix on your location. You may even have people show up at your door or outside your house. They hate it when you know what is really going on. Well they can keep their black goo and iridium and stick it up their ass as far as I’m concerned. I don’t know how they are introducing it into the gene pool but you can bet your bottom dollar they will be trying. Big brother wants to keep his all seeing iridium (the iris was named after this) eye on you at all times. That NWO eye is not the eye of Horus. It is the eye of IRIS the Goddess of the Rainbow. They have stolen the rainbow as well for their own sick agenda.

Constance Cumby warned us about the “Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow” back in the 80’s.

Well now they are IN YOUR FACE with it.

They are in your IRIS. We see through a glass (lens of your eye) darkly,

but when Yahushuwah returns -we will see Clearly..

More next time… Till then..






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