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Boston Marathon Logo

Boston Marathon Logo

Are these people sick or what?

Kenny Loggins plays Boston Marathon Doctor.


Bomber #1 Identified. It’s a Greenberg! Imagine that!


Meet Misha- Man Are they Laughing there asses off about this one…


Misha (Moscow, USSR 1980) - Hi! I'm Misha the Bear Cub. I was the mascot of the 1980  Moscow Olympic Games. The people of Moscow chose me because there are alot of  nice bears like me in Russia. The best part of my job as mascot was that I got  to travel all over the world to spread the word about the Olympic Games. In fact,  I even got to travel in space with two cosmonauts

OOPS..John.. Get your lines right dude!

Summation of the Boston Marathon Mind Fuck Psy Op

Bombers parentsbomb blast
Pardon my foul mouth but this stuff makes me want to puke.


First for you newbies… this is primarily a SPIRITUAL WAR that we Endtimelect are involved with here as these days are winding down for the returning of the Meshiach–  Yahushuwah in 2033.  You have been living under a false paradigm your entire lives. i.e. THE MATRIX which is controlled by higher intelligences in conjunction with certain Globalist Families who sold out to the Ha Satan eons ago. They have used technology (Moon Matrix, Hollywood, TV, Genetics, Governments, Education, and sophisticated programs funded under Black Ops programs to co-op the World Systems and to keep you enslaved to their structures.This last GLOBAL HOAX- The Boston Marathon Bombing, is a blatant example of how these bastards have been generating capital from you, the pawns, for centuries.

This was a Hollywood production. You are living in a movie set. Jim Carey is a Satanist High Priest and they showed you in the TRUMAN SHOW what they are doing to you. Nobody makes it in Holly Wood (The false BRANCH) unless they sign on to the DEVIL. The Illuminati are not all evil, however.. Many of us were raised in these families and have incarnated here specifically to lead you into all TRUTH at these END TIMES.

The religions of the world are all basically LIES. Even Christianity… which is one of the worst deceptions ever. The Messiah’s name is Yahushuwah and God’s name is YaHuWaH.  The new testament was written by Paul who was an apostate. The whole Roman Catholic Church has led Millions into falsehood and the worship of GRAVEN IMAGES and SUN WORSHIP which YHWH detests. The Babylonian Whore Beast System.

Now specifically, I want to concentrate on the Marathon Lie. Already we have seen them rewrite history in all their media. They have changed the bombers names in the media. First it was the number of suspects, then we went through several other names and now the two Chechnya dudes. I caught this final switch a few days ago. Originally the last name was Tamerlan. Now this is the one brother’s first name. This is how they do the mind fuck. All the documents have been rescripted. If you notice the bombing photos they put out with all the blood everywhere, there were yellow jacketed cops everywhere. This new photo which supposedly happened just after the bombing shows no blood, no yellow jackets, no legs blown off…The guy carrying his girlfriend (another actor) . Notice she is BLINDFOLDED. You can’t see her face. I blew up the image and she has a MASK on her face. THE MASK. Get it???

These DEMONS are incorrigible. They want to suck as much Income, Fear, Grief, patriotism, and other passionate emotion out of you that they can. They FEED OFF THIS. (Along with REAL BLOOD). Anybody that is being highlighted in the mainstream media, (and some Alternative Media Also. i.e. Alex Jones-a Gatekeeper) is just part of the movie set to keep your head spinning. Suffice it to say it’s all a lie. I don’t believe anybody is dead that you see in the media unless they were collateral damage. And any real dead people won’t get any air time. PERIOD. If they start a 501C3 non profit YOU KNOW ITS A FAKE SCAM. Unless you personally know these people DO NOT GIVE THEM A FUCKING DIME!   Its a scam….

The pic also shows a woman with a yellow headdress being escorted by a man. Don’t they look like the “parents” of the bombers? Must be where they got the idea for the mommy and the daddy. Its one big SCREENPLAY. If you go back to my other post we show you how they used the GREEN SCREEN in the set. The blood is all FAKE. They used FAKE AMPUTEE ACTORS. The hospital is in on it too. You see I was raised in a 4th generation Satanist Medical Cult Famly. The Illuminati owns the Military Industrial Complex and the Medical Industrial Complex. I already checked on one doctor that they interviewed and she has no license in the state of Massachusetts.. HUM…Dr. GREEN was Joseph Mengele aka Maurice GREENBERG. Same guy. The Illuminati have life enhancing technology that extends their lives. Demonic possession by incarnate spirits and other drugs. Hitler is none other than Walt Disney. They totally co-opted the Media and have used it to deceive the masses with (ALIEN aka Demonic) help to do so.

Don’t support Hollywood or these EBE slaves you see on TV and at concerts. (Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, Katy Perry, Britanny Spears, etc…) There are all mind controlled genetically manipulated slaves. They are not totally human. They are HYBRIDS. The hybridization program has been going on for thousands of years. Its pretty well perfected now and will be when they implement the BEAST CHIP which will promise you eternal life and youth. For this you will be eternally damned by YaHuWaH I might add if you take it. Many will flock to take it. They will LOVE IT! As it was in the days of Noah. Noah by the way had the genomes (cell lines)  for all the animals. These people had all this technology back then as well. History repeats itself but the Demons rewrite it and leave you in the dark about it. Nothing new under the SUN.

Only a FEW- THE ELECT- were rescued from that mess. The same is gonna happen here. If you are a SUN WORSHIPPER ON LUCIFERIAN SUN DAY (SOL INVICTUS MITHRISM) you can forget it. Your dead meat. Get out of those CHURCHES!!!

It’s very difficult to come to terms with what is REAL and what is a LIE. That is why YaHuWaH states in his WORD that if it were possible even the VERY ELECT would be deceived. That’s how mind blowing this is!! They have computer technology now that is vaporized in the atmosphere via chemtrails. This helps keep their GRID in place as it is becoming unraveled. There is a war going on over this. There are good MALAKS coming to right these wrongs of injustice. Myself included. (We are not called ANGELS by the way-another pagan term). Instead of praying you need to be LISTENING to what YaHuWaH is saying. If it does not line up with the OLD TESTAMENT it is not the TRUTH. YaHuShuWaH was the fulfillment of the OLD TESTAMENT. He did not abolish its teaching. He did not start a CHURCH. He said he would not LOSE a single one that HIS FATHER has given unto him. HIS SHEEP. “MY SHEEP KNOW MY VOICE”. Are you listening? He wants to console the sheep and let them know that they are very much loved and under his divine protection at this time. No one can by any means HURT YOU. You are sealed with his divine NAME.

If you continue to believe the LIES, than you are probably not one of HIS. He has promised to lead his chosen ones into ALL TRUTH. It is very painful I know. The refiners fire. The only one we need to fear, however, is GOD. He alone can send your soul to Sheol- separated from His presence for ever. The collective hive mind that are part of the MATRIX will NOT ACCEPT the TRUTH. There is no truth in them. They’ll want to KILL YOU.. Just like they did “JESUS”.


The WORD for today is MOAB. I will expound on this as YHWH leads. It’s not going to be pretty. I didn’t know what it meant either. I’m learning at the same time you are. More to come about this topic. It has to do with the

RED HORSEMAN… Until then…Selah…

Meet Actress Camilla Rowan aka Krystal Campbell- Boston Bombing “Victim”

Another Greenberg Actress

Another Actress-This one’s a Rockefeller.

Camilla Rowan aka Crystal Campbell??????????????????????????

Camilla Rowan (AKA Jody Fineman Schwartz), stepdaughter of David Rockefeller Jr, was married to Richard Cohen, whose brother is the owner of the Bravo Network and whose other brother, Michael Cohen, is Donald Trump’s right-hand man and Special Council. I believe the Cohens are related to the pseudonym family name Winkler, (as in Henry Winkler).
You can see Jody Fineman Schwartz playing several roles as the wife of the Underwear Bomber eyewitness, Kurt Haskell (Lori Haskell),

Eyewitness to the  Batman Movie shooting Hoax,

Emma McMahon, an eyewitness in the Giffords Shooting HOAX,

She plays both the friend of and the murderer of the friend in a news piece that I show in my latest video on the Batman shooting.

Emily Kuntz, the actor for the movie Greenberg with co-star Ben Stiller.

Great detective work by Ed Chiarinni. Don’t give these Con artists a fucking dime of your money!

They have been duping the public for years with their non-profit fund raising BS websites.

These people are the 1% er’s. They fucking own the hospitals, police, FBI, CIA, Hollywood, TV, Media…. Wake up Public!

The Woman “Victim” involved in the Boston Marathon Bombing- She’s a Rockefeller! Camilla Rowan.

Bomber Greenberg women

Another Greenberg Actress

Another Actress- This one’s a Rockefeller

“Dead” Illuminati SNL Actor John Candy plays role of Boston Police Chief Ed Davis

John Candy

They are still going after the guns. They hate the NRA. Notice how the focus now is on the guns and not the bombs.

Actually, I’m more worried about the bombs having discharged DARPA SMART DUST covertly to unsuspecting bystanders.

The rest was of the event was staged to desensitize the public and go after their 4th amendment rights. A Full scale Homeland Security Exercise. (FSE).

Our government is totally out of control.

Amputee Actors Used in Boston Drill?